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What is Masago and what does it have to do with sushi?

What is Masago and what does it have to do with sushi?

At first, probably hardly anyone can associate anything with the term "Masago" - however, we are quite sure that you have already seen Masago and wondered what it is exactly.

Especially sushi lovers have come across Masago several times. In some sushi, such as the well-known Inside Out Rolls, the small orange, often green fish eggs are a commonly used decoration. Masago Orange is the most commonly used variant for sushi. Masago Wasabi, as the name suggests, has a bit of wasabi added, which also explains the green coloration, which, contrary to many beliefs, does not come from a dye.

Which fish is masago from?

The Capelin (Mallotus Villosus), also known as Lodde in German, is responsible for the "production" of these tiny fish roe. It travels in large schools in the Arctic Ocean and belongs to the smelt family. The fish eggs of the Capelin are somewhat firmer, allowing them to be used somewhat differently than is the case with classic caviar. The well-known caviar, by the way, mostly comes from sturgeon, although there is, of course, also salmon caviar, caviar from trout, or other types of fish.

What is the taste of the roe like?

Logically, the green roe shines with a slightly spicy Wasabi flavor, while the orange standard version tastes lightly salty, fresh, and somewhat of the sea. In any case, you should try them at least once because the crispy texture also has something very interesting. Test it out on your next restaurant visit.

Masago Sushi nicely decorated

Sushi is still one of the most popular dishes in Japan and can now be found on every corner in Germany as well. What adds the most fun to Sashimi, Surimi, and the like, besides the taste, is the visual appeal with which the small, delicious snacks are presented. Pickled ginger, Wasabi, Nori sheets, and sesame contrast wonderfully with pink shrimp and salmon. It is only logical that the vibrant orange of the little fish roe contributes to this overall masterpiece. Especially the California Rolls look even more appealing when they are surrounded by

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Various types of fish eggs

What are the individual differences between Masago, Tobiko, Ikura, and Caviar? In the end, it's the type of fish that makes the difference because they vary in size, color, and above all, taste. They come in black, red, orange, and transparent, and they do have distinct flavors. You should definitely try this delicacy at least once. Japanese restaurants often offer Masago Sushi, but be sure to pay attention to the quality and freshness of the preparation.

Red caviar on bread garnished with lemon
Black caviar on bread and butter
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