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Jikko Cutlery

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Jikko Cutlery, founded in 1883/1901, headquartered in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Jikko Cutlery specializes in handcrafting Sakai knives, which have a tradition of more than 600 years. From forging the steel, grinding the raw form to finishing, all work for the Minako knives is done in-house. Although the Sakai knives are handmade, resulting in slight differences, the products stand out due to meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The forge is led by Toshiyuki Minamitsu in its fourth generation. In the early days, knives were exclusively made for professional chefs. The collaboration with professional chefs has been intensive from the beginning. Over time, Jikko has collected over 100,000 wishes and suggestions from chefs, incorporating them into the further development of the products. Only in recent years has Jikko also sold knives to private customers. For this purpose, own stores were also established in Japan. The number of enthusiastic customers has quickly grown. Jikko's philosophy is convincing: We enjoy hard work that brings a smile to the faces of customers while cooking.

japanische Kochmesser Jikko Cutlery
Japanische traditionelle Kochmesser und Varpackung
japaniche Kochmesser
japanische Kochmesser
Jikko Messer Griff anbringen
Japanische Messer Gravur
Japanische Messer Jikko schmieden
Jikko Messer schleifen

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