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Experience the unique taste of Tamaryokucha

Tamaryokucha is a special type of Japanese green tea, primarily produced in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. It has a unique appearance, with leaves rolled into a spherical shape, giving it its name ("tama" means ball and "ryokucha" means green tea). The taste of Tamaryokucha is also unique, with a pronounced sweetness and a mild umami flavor.

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How is tamaryokucha grown in Japan?

The green tea plants are shaded for at least 1 week before harvesting. This practice increases the chlorophyll content of the leaves and reduces the bitterness, giving the tea its characteristic sweet note. The tea leaves are handpicked in spring. The best quality is obtained from the first tender, young leaves and buds. After harvesting, the leaves are steamed to halt enzymatic oxidation. Some varieties are also dry heated, which imparts more roasted flavors to the tea. This process maintains the green color and fresh taste of the leaves. After steaming, the leaves are quickly cooled and then rolled. This helps remove excess moisture and gives them their characteristic curled shape. Finally, the tea leaves are dried. This process reduces remaining moisture and intensifies the aroma of the tea.

What does Tamaryokucha taste like

Due to the shading process, Tamaryokucha has a sweet, mild flavor with a pronounced umami note. Sencha has a fresh, robust flavor with a distinct bitter note. Both teas have a pronounced green color, but Sencha tends to have a slightly darker color than Tamaryokucha.

Tamaryokucha and your health

A very agreeable tea that can support your health in a very balanced way. Similar to Sencha, Tamaryokucha has many catechins and antioxidants, which can have positive effects on metabolism, cardiovascular health, digestive functions, and memory performance, as well as counteracting inflammation.

Der Kamairicha entfaltet sich als eine seltene Prägung des Tamaryokucha

For this organic luxury tea, only the finest parts of the leaf are used, with the stems carefully removed. The art of dry heating used to produce Kamairicha is bestowed upon only a few tea masters in Japan. With profound knowledge and sensitivity, they regulate the intensity of the fire and the duration of the heat supply so precisely that the fermentation process is stopped at the ideal moment. Through this conscious act of balance, the fresh nuances are preserved, giving the tea a pleasant lightness that enhances the enjoyment.