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Sustainable Gifts and Products

Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable Gifts
Sustainable Gifts and Products

Meaningful and Sustainable Gifts

Awareness and taking time always play a significant role in Japanese culture. We have embraced this when selecting gifts for this category. Take time for yourself, your loved ones, and for good things. Meaningful gifts, to us, are products with a long lifespan, produced ecologically and under fair conditions. Excellent products with a story that the recipient uses with joy and takes care of carefully. That's how sustainability is created.

More about Sustainable gifts

Sustainable Gifting? - Ecological Gifts in the Age of Mass Consumption

We offer cast iron products because we ourselves are enthusiastic about the sustainability of the product. The pans and pots are uncoated, typically passed down in Japan, and can provide a lifetime of joy with proper care. This is good for the environment, and for Christmas, it's a beautiful and meaningful gift. The gift idea becomes creative and social when you invite the recipient to join you to spend time together and enjoy the artfully prepared recipes. Giving the gift of shared time is always sustainable to us.

Naturally, this principle of sustainability can be applied to other product areas at ORYOKI. The urushi coating on many rice bowls and tea canisters significantly increases the durability of the product. Urushi lacquer is 100% natural and food-safe, derived from a tree resin. Proper urushi lacquering technique requires several years of training in Japan. Our Japanese knives are forged from the highest-quality steel, a gift with the potential for sharpness that, with a little care, also provides long-lasting joy.

How Are Sustainable Products Created?

For food items like our green tea, the main criterion is ecological cultivation with resource conservation. For everyday products, the definition of sustainability is somewhat broader. Oryoki's products are produced fairly in Japan's factories, with respect for nature, people, and the environment. However, sustainability often only arises when the product is used and maintained carefully. When all criteria are met, we see it as social progress. The result, in our view, is sustainable products and meaningful gifts that enrich our lives.

Wrapping Gifts in Furoshiki - The Creative Gift Idea

Furoshiki are Japanese cloths that are versatile and can be used, among other things, for wrapping gifts. With a Furoshiki, your loved one not only has a stylish cloth but can also quickly turn it into a bag with some folding art - it can hardly get more sustainable. Japanese people often give special gifts in elaborate packaging with a Furoshiki or fine handmade gift paper. For Christmas or birthdays, Furoshiki are becoming increasingly popular in Europe as gift wrappings due to their sustainability.

We Also See Health as a Sustainable Gift

The cheaper a product appears to be produced, the more compromises are made in terms of health. This development is neither sensible nor sustainable. Because health is the greatest gift of all. Even though we cannot give health, it is possible to pay attention to the quality of materials when choosing a gift.