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Matcha Whisk & Spoon

Matcha Whisk and Spoon
Matcha Whisk and Spoon

Matcha: The Trend from Japan

Matcha, the healthiest green tea of all, has made its way to Europe. Bittersweet, dark green, and full of valuable minerals, its journey began in Japan, coming from China, nearly 1,000 years ago. It arrived with Zen in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the enjoyment of Matcha became an integral part of Buddhist meditation. In its finest quality, Matcha is what the famous tea ceremony is all about: the preparation of a bowl of delicious ground tea, Matcha.

In Japan and increasingly in the rest of the world, especially in Europe, Australia, and the USA, Matcha has become an essential part of everyday life. Matcha is a healthy beverage, enjoyed hot or cold, enhancing summer refreshments, and is a component of many delicious recipes. Thanks to Matcha's versatility, there are a variety of creative and interesting creations beyond Matcha tea, such as Matcha chocolate, Matcha muffins, Matcha cakes, or Matcha ice cream.

With a little practice and the right guidance, anyone can quickly prepare a delicious Matcha. The most important thing needed for this is a good quality Matcha. And for those who appreciate authentic preparation, they naturally use a Matcha tea bowl, known as "Chawan" in Japanese, a Matcha whisk made of bamboo, known as "Chasen," and a Matcha tea spoon, known as "Chashaku."

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Matcha Preparation: The Right Accessories

Everything needed for Matcha preparation is available at very affordable and high-quality options. High-quality Matcha bamboo whisks, these are handmade. And of course, tea connoisseurs and Matcha enthusiasts do not use inferior products. This is because the bamboo whisk plays a significant role in determining the consistency and flavor of the Matcha. It's easy to imagine that being a Chasen (bamboo whisk) manufacturer is something quite special in Japan. One of the most important manufacturers is said to have continued the family tradition for already 20 generations. The bamboo used for high-quality Chasen mostly comes from the Kansai region, where it is cold, and it is harvested in winter and stored for 2-3 years before it can be processed. The manufacturing process requires a lot of craftsmanship and patience. There are several different shapes as different schools of tea ceremony often have individual requirements. Another significant difference is the number of bristles a Chasen has. For thin Matcha, Usucha, which is consumed in most cases, the Chasen should have a sufficient number of bristles. For Koicha, the thick and very intense Matcha, bamboo whisks with fewer bristles are sufficient.

Chasen made from black bamboo, which is bamboo that has been "burned" in a special process, are now highly sought after in Japan. However, there is hardly any advantage to these Chasen since the bamboo is already very hard. The difference is purely cosmetic.

Less intricate but with the same care, Chashaku, the bamboo scoops used for portioning Matcha, are crafted. High-quality bamboo and the perfect shape are the most important criteria for assessing Chashaku. And, of course, high-quality scoops are also hand-shaped and polished.