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Malutto & Solitto


The beginning is always simple and intuitive:

Profound in its simplicity, simple in its depth.
The key to preparing delicious dishes is a simple, sturdy iron skillet.

Born from a return to the roots of OIGEN,
a company dedicated to ironware manufacturing since 1852.

Experience the moment when heat brings out the flavor!
Experience the proven benefits of cast iron with

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<p>The round shape,<br>which is reminiscent of a Tetsubin kettle,<br>gently draws out the aromas</p> MALUTTO

The round shape,
which is reminiscent of a Tetsubin kettle,
gently draws out the aromas

Malutto logo


The round shape reminiscent of a Tetsubin kettle gently draws out the flavors.

Malutto production
Malutto production
Malutto production

This beautiful and functional round shape is the culmination of 300 years of techniques in iron kettle making and the knowledge passed down through generations at OIGEN. The sturdy iron lid ensures the goodness stays within the kettle. Crafted to the highest standards, the charming round MALUTTO aims to satisfy even the most discerning chefs.

Malutto pan

<p>Deep sides with the ideal angle<br> A lifelong standard,<br> which prevails</p> SOLITTO

Deep sides with the ideal angle
A lifelong standard,
which prevails

Solitto logo


Deep sides with the ideal angle. A lifelong standard that prevails.

Solitto production
Solitto production
Solitto production

Special attention has been paid to the depth and angle of the sides and handle, as it is a standard shape. We promise you all the benefits of cooking with cast iron pans. When you grip the handle, it immediately becomes an extension of your arm. The non-slip handle feels like leather and becomes more comfortable with each use. Try placing your thumb on the indentation at the bottom of the handle, and you will be able to carry and wash the heavy iron pan with ease.

Solitto pan

Surprisingly simple Cooking with cast iron

Surprisingly simple Cooking with cast iron

The usual procedure for frying meat

First, the meat is either seared over direct flame or in a frying pan or griddle. Then it is slowly cooked in the oven, ensuring that the meat does not dry out. Finally, you take it out of the oven and let it rest on a plate or tray. Frying meat well requires time, effort, and a range of utensils.

Roast meat
Roast meat

On the other hand,
a single pan may be enough
to meet your most demanding cooking needs.

Roast meat
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Three types of heat regulation bring out the best taste every time

1. Thick and Heavy Cast Iron

The typical thickness of cast iron allows for cooking with both retained heat and radiant heat.

The high heat retention enables uniform and effective transfer of heat to the food. While the outside is evenly cooked, cast iron pans simultaneously warm the inside, much like how the sun warms the body from within, bringing out the best flavors of each ingredient. The unique "Naked Finish" coating has been proven to offer 2.5 times more radiant heat than untreated cast iron.

Radiant heat is the transfer of heat to an object through electromagnetic waves.
*Based on proprietary research

Hot cast iron

2. The Uncoated Naked Surface

There's a flavor that can only be achieved through precisely controlled heat without layers of coatings blocking it.

The world's first "Naked Finish" was developed by OIGEN in 2003. This revolutionary process protects pans from rust and enhances the cooking experience without the need for enamel or typical chemical-based synthetic coatings.

Gusseisen with Naked Finish eliminates the risks associated with artificial coatings, such as chipping, bleeding, or emitting chemical odors when exposed to high heat or sudden temperature changes.

3. Expertly Crafted Shape

MALUTTO - Designed for the Circulation of Heat and Steam

Instantly and gently transfer the heat.
The round shape of MALUTTO is full of surprises.

The stable heat of cast iron combined with the unique shape that retains heat makes MALUTTO pans ideal for slow cooking. The circulating steam prevents the food from drying out during the long cooking process, similar to a convection oven with steam.
You will undoubtedly be surprised at how well this pan cooks for you. Once you've mastered cooking with steam with the lid closed, why not try quick cooking at high heat?

Malutto effect

SOLITTO - Proven Shape Ensures the Best Utilization of Heat

It's robust enough to withstand high temperatures and retains heat well.
Its worth is proven when slicing through the ingredients.

Burnt edges and raw in the middle... You can spare yourself the stress that comes with cooking meat when the retained heat is slowly released, cooking the meat perfectly. First, sear the outer layer over high heat, then turn off the heat and let the meat gently cook through. The deep sides offer a variety of uses.

Solitto effect

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