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High-Quality Tea Gifts and Organic Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts at Oryoki

Tea Gifts
High-Quality Tea Gifts and Organic Tea Gifts

Japanese Tea Gifts - Tea Ware and Green Tea

The Japanese tea ceremony is celebrated extensively in Japan. The enjoyment of tea always has something contemplative and warms the body and soul. In Japan, special emphasis is placed on tea ware and artistically designed tea bowls. A beautiful tea set or a handcrafted matcha tea bowl is a very precious gift. Tea gifts and gift sets, especially green tea, are not only suitable for Christmas. Green tea is consumed throughout the year. A handcrafted Japanese Kyusu, for example, by our master Gyokko from Tokoname clay, and the matching tea bowls are a wonderful, high-quality gift set. Packaged with love in a beautiful wooden box, it's a wonderful gift idea.

More about Tea gifts

Not only at Christmas, a gift with Oryoki's organic tea rarities at an affordable price is a truly special attention. To every lover of coffee and black tea, we can only appeal: Try a Green Tea the Japanese way, and you'll experience relaxation and pleasure at the same time. The exquisite teas in our shop can also be ordered in a gift set, lovingly packaged as a Christmas present. Gifts related to fine teas delight both women and men and are suitable for almost any occasion.

Traditional Kyusu or Modern Porcelain

The teapot with the distinctive side handle (Kyusu) derives its aesthetics from its wonderful simplicity and is a beautiful tea gift for any tea enthusiast. In our range, we offer various tea sets, made in Tokoname, Japan, especially for Green Tea. For the modern design and tea lover, the Tea-Cup Peel might be a perfect fit. A perfectly designed product made from the finest Japanese porcelain, which also has a lot of functionality and has won a design award. Surprise with exceptional and original tea gifts, all of exquisite quality.

Handcrafted Tea Caddies, a Gift for Connoisseurs

It's not just about the contents but also the packaging. Storing tea in high-quality tea caddies, such as those from Gato Mikio made of wood, ensures fantastic aroma. Even though these high-quality containers come at a price, it's a gift that tea connoisseurs appreciate. A tea caddy and a matching organic tea already form the perfect Christmas gift set.

Japanese Organic Green Tea Oryoki

Organic green tea, such as Sencha or high-quality Gyokuro tea, is a delicious addition to the Kyusu Christmas gift. In our tea gifts category, you'll find exquisite Japanese green tea in organic quality at a fair price. Give these select tea presents that will not only impress tea connoisseurs but also delight all tea lovers. Japanese Organic Sencha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Kukicha, and Hojicha Tea. But don't just give away the variety of our Japanese tea in selected, exquisite quality; be sure to try it for yourself as well. We wish you the highest tea enjoyment when giving or drinking these teas!