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Sake Set, National Beverage of Japan

Japanese Sake

Sake Set
Sake, the National Beverage of Japan

Sake, the National Beverage of Japan

There is no exact information, but drinks that are considered the origin of Sake emerged in Japan long before the birth of Christ. Sake is brewed - it's hard to believe. But yes, the beverage known as "rice wine" in Germany is produced similarly to beer (fermentation process). Its production process has nothing to do with winemaking.

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More about Sake

High-Quality Varieties Offer Extraordinary Diversity

Wine offers about 500 aromas, while sake boasts around 800, surpassing it significantly. Fruits, flowers, chocolate – the discerning palate finds an impressively wide array. However, the knowledgeable sake connoisseur also knows that high-quality sake requires attention and some know-how to truly unlock its potential.

Sake Set in Ceramic, Porcelain, or Glass?

Robust premium sakes are best enjoyed in the classic "Ochoko" cup made of glazed stoneware, porcelain, or ceramic. Not just for the sake of good style, a matching Tokuri (decanter) is also essential. Even better, have two if you have guests. This is because sake is typically gently warmed in a water bath, allowing its flavors to fully unfold. Only fresh, fruity sake varieties are typically served chilled in glasses.