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Japanese Incense Stick Holders at Oryoki

Incense Stick Holders from Japan

Incense Stick Holders from Japan
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Incense Stick Holders from Japan

Incense stick holders are more than just functional items for safely burning incense sticks. They are decorative accessories for various scents and can be made from wood, ceramics, stone, cast iron, or clay. A small hole serves as a holder for the incense sticks. Make sure the hole's size matches the specific incense sticks you have. Smaller holes are suitable for Japanese incense sticks, while larger ones are often used for Tibetan incense sticks.

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More about Incense stickholder

Incense Burner or Incense Stick Holder?

An incense burner can also be used very effectively for incense sticks. Ideally, you would use incense ash or sand inside it. However, it can be less practical as a travel companion compared to a dedicated incense stick holder. The holder can be conveniently carried in any side pocket, allowing you to enjoy meditation while traveling with high-quality Japanese sandalwood incense sticks, for example. Some incense stick sets come with holders included.

Can You Make Incense Stick Holders Yourself?

Of course, you can. There are no limits to creativity here. The function is quite simple; it just needs a small hole to hold the stick. You can play around with shape, color, design, and material. In Japan, you can find them in various forms such as leaves, Buddha figures, flowers, or in a very plain and simple design.

Which Material Is Best Suited for Incense Stick Holders?

Since the sticks are very thin and typically burn slowly, posing minimal fire risk from the ash, nearly any material is suitable. However, for those who want to be extra cautious, materials like cast iron, ceramic, or soapstone are good choices.