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Oryoki Buddha Bowl

Japanese Oryoki

Japanese Oryoki
Oryoki, the Buddha Bowl

Oryoki, the Buddha Bowl

Can less be more? Isn't it paradoxical when someone believes that they get more by having less? This question, which already plays a significant role in the lives and work of designers, served as the foundation for our company's philosophy. It simultaneously explains our beliefs regarding sustainability, appreciation, and responsibility. In ORYOKI bowls, it has taken on a beautiful form.

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Not Deprivation, but Mindfulness

Must minimalism go hand in hand with deprivation? Or is it more the case that turning away from excess and abundance, from countless choices, from quantity over quality, leads to the "more" we've secretly been seeking for a long time? Is the path once charted by Buddha with his principles and recommendations the opportunity to focus on the essential, to perceive it more consciously, enjoy it more intensely, understand it better, and feel it more truthfully?

That Which Contains Just Enough!

For us, Oryoki is by no means an instruction to give up as much as possible, that is, "as little as possible!" Oryoki means, for us, to become aware of what is necessary, meaningful, and enriching for oneself, without causing harm to others. Making decisions in a conscious way of life, protecting oneself clearly from burdensome excess, living with a clear focus on what truly brings joy can mean absolute fulfillment.

Handmade with Care

Our products involve a lot, often exclusively, of handmade craftsmanship. Japanese artisans, masters of their craft, create Oryoki bowls using traditional, highly demanding methods. They use the finest, carefully selected materials such as precious woods and valuable natural lacquers. With their increasingly rare skills and their passion for the craftsmanship and the products, they imbue the products with something that cannot be achieved with an industrial machine. We sincerely hope that, should you ever hold one of the products in your hands, you feel this "soul" just as intensely as we do.