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Japanese Decor from Oryoki

Japanese Decor

Japanese Decor

Japanese Decor - Japan, a Land of Creativity

In Japan, living spaces play an outstanding and unique role. Japanese people remove their street shoes when entering living spaces. As guests and even in their own homes, they consciously transition into a different world. The everyday life, its worries and troubles, are left behind, discarded. It's understandable that the furnishings of these important living spaces generally receive great attention, which is an expression of deeply held life principles: closeness to nature, simplicity, reduction to minimalism. Even everyday objects are treated with high regard, often crafted with meticulous care and artistry. Japanese decor and decorative objects in homes and gardens, such as valuable vases or bowls, as well as artistically crafted figures, are given ample space, which can certainly be seen as a sign of respect.

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Respect and Attention are Part of the Philosophy of Life

Zen is everywhere. And where there is Zen, there is attention. Those who engage with the way of life in Japan inevitably encounter - from our perspective - seemingly incompatible contrasts. The bustling city, speed, movement, a multitude of people, and then the tranquility with which an Ikebana artist arranges their flowers. The palpable dedication that a calligraphy master almost celebrates. The silent passion of the master who shapes a beautiful piece of valuable wood into an even more beautiful bowl, wonderful Japanese decoration. Perhaps this art of withdrawing from one world and fully embracing another is a reason for the high life expectancy of people in Japan. In any case, it describes the Japanese style that is reflected in Japanese decoration. Japanese decor, born from craftsmanship, is often synonymous with the beauty of unpretentious and simple things. Imperfect and transient, and therefore especially aesthetic. Decorate your living space not just with objects but with stories.

Japanese Decor - Our Selection at the Oryoki Shop

In curating our items in the realm of Japanese decor, we have put in a lot of effort to present you with truly special products. The categories related to decoration represent a cross-section of exceptional Japanese craftsmanship. Handcrafted wooden bowls, Kokeshi dolls, and artistically crafted Japanese vases also adorn particularly unique furniture. Handmade Japanese paper has a special tradition and quality. And with Furoshiki, we are excited about the ecological approach and the versatile, creative uses, from fashionable bags to gift wrapping. We wish you much joy as you browse through these truly special decor products!

Purchase Asian Decor - Aesthetic and High-Quality

Unfortunately, Asian decoration is often mentally associated with very cheaply produced goods. In reality, however, there is a multitude of masterpieces in Chinese and Japanese decoration. Among other things, there is a variety of Japanese wall decor. Framed Japanese paper, Japanese wall hangings (Noren), or intricately hand-painted calligraphies. Also, the Japanese Urushi lacquerware is a delight to behold. The very high-quality wooden bowls can, of course, be used, but are often simply beautiful to look at. Furoshiki are flexibly usable Japanese cloths and serve as decorative accessories, tablecloths, gift wrap, or shopping bags all in one. The hand-painted wooden Kokeshi dolls bring joy with every glance. The wonderfully crafted fans are a real eye-catcher. Decorating in the Japanese style also means decorating subtly and minimally. Less and higher quality aligns very well with Japanese culture.