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Kokeshi Dolls Decorative Figures

Japanese Kokeshi

Kokeshi Wooden Figures
Kokeshi Dolls Decorative Figures

Kokeshi: Souvenir, Lucky Charm, and Stylish Gift

These beautiful wooden figures have a long tradition in Japan. Originally, they were made as toys. Now, they are among the most well-known figures in Japan. They are given with all good wishes as lucky charms or talismans, for things like fertility and a bountiful harvest, used for stylish home decoration, and of course, they are a very popular souvenir for many visitors to Japan.

More about Kokeshi

Genuine Unique Artworks, Handcrafted with Collector's Value

There are many styles of Kokeshi dolls. What they all share is the simple basic form, usually with a cylindrical body and an oval head. For the handcrafted Kokeshi from art studios, woods are carefully selected. The interior of the woods plays a significant role in the selection and must match the region's distinct carving style. Only then can the naturalness and the feeling of genuine warmth shine through. The character of each figure is shaped by the wood, the carving process, the form, and, of course, the painting. This results in expressive small or rather large figures with personality and charisma, ranging from monks to joyful flower children.

Usaburo Kokeshi

Usaburo Kokeshi are exceptionally high-quality and are considered by many to be among the most beautiful. The family-owned business is known for its unique passion and high craftsmanship. The founder, Usaburo Okamoto, born in 1917 in Shinto, has won numerous awards, initiating a family and company tradition. Both family members and employees take pride in their award-winning work. They draw their creativity, in their own words, from their love for their homeland.

Oryoki Offers an Exquisite Selection of Kokeshi Dolls

Here, we offer you a carefully curated collection of various Kokeshi dolls. Our most popular Kokeshi dolls include the following: