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Genmaicha Tea in Organic Quality

Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha Tea
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Genmaicha - A Fine Green Tea with a Roasted Note

Genmai means roasted rice, Cha is Japanese for tea. Genmaicha is a Sencha with roasted rice. This flavor comes through very delicately in this tea. The delicate roasting aromas are somewhat reminiscent of coffee and harmoniously complement the typical, exquisitely bitter taste and the subtle sweetness of Sencha. A delicious variation of pure green tea varieties.

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More about Genmaicha

For Japanese Genmaicha, the buds and the first two small, tender leaves are harvested. The younger leaves have better quality than the older ones. After plucking, the tea leaves are lightly steamed to stop the oxidation process. Steaming often takes only between 10 and 40 seconds. After steaming, the leaves are rolled, breaking the leaf structure slightly and allowing the constituents to be easily absorbed by the tea water.

Organic Genmaicha and Your Health

Sencha is characterized by its very balanced health-promoting effects. Its valuable ingredients are in a healthy, balanced ratio. Genmaicha, with the addition of rice, contains fewer tea constituents overall, making it even more digestible than pure tea. The caffeine and theanine content are reduced, making Genmaicha a favorite for evening consumption and, due to its warming effect, especially on cold winter evenings. Genmaicha has a calming effect, gently promotes metabolism and digestive functions, and can have a stabilizing effect on the cardiovascular system.

To fully benefit from the health effects, we recommend drinking various green teas alternately. This way, you can take advantage of the different focuses of active ingredients in the respective green tea varieties. Green tea can be enjoyed daily without hesitation.

Organic Genmaicha at ORYOKI

In our selection, we only offer high-quality Genmaicha teas. Our organic Genmaicha is cultivated strictly according to ecological principles, both the tea and the rice. To achieve the slightly coffee-like roasting aroma, the organic rice is roasted and puffed. Sometimes, high-quality Genmaicha is enhanced with Matcha, as is the case with our Bio Genmaicha 'n' Matcha.

Here are some teas from our selection:

Currently, we are testing additional selected green tea varieties from Japan, some of which will soon complement our green tea assortment.

Preparing Genmaicha Tea from Japan

Genmaicha is prepared in Japan just like Sencha tea. For the dosage, we recommend about two teaspoons of tea per 200 ml of water. Boiling water should be cooled to about 70°C - 80°C because green tea would otherwise immediately lose valuable ingredients and flavor. The steeping time for the first infusion is between 1 - 2 minutes. Excessive steeping time can release many unpleasant bitter compounds from the tea, which are not desired. For the second infusion, steeping time is about 15 seconds. It's important to empty the teapot completely, as the last drops of green tea always contain a lot of flavor.

However, you can influence the taste in one direction or another with slight variations in tea preparation. With a bit of experimentation, you can tailor the tea to your own taste. We recommend making slight adjustments in water temperature in 5°C increments and slightly shorter or longer steeping times.

Approx. 6g for 200ml
Temperature - 70 degrees Celsius
First Steeping Time - 30 seconds
Second Steeping Time - 15 seconds

Enjoying Genmaicha Like in Japan

For tea lovers, especially those for whom green tea plays a significant role, the question of which teapot offers the best tea enjoyment arises relatively soon. For high-quality green teas, the original clay teapot (Kyusu) is traditionally the right choice. The Yokode Kyusu is a teapot with a side handle and is the most commonly used. In our assortment, you will find a good selection of handcrafted side-handle teapots by Japanese masters.

Porcelain teapots, a good and beautiful material for this purpose, are also used in Japan. They are often handcrafted using traditional manufacturing methods. We also offer such teapots made of Japanese porcelain in our assortment. Our Green Tea Pot So-So has won design awards and is a very decorative representative of the porcelain teapot category. Here, the porcelain is of high quality, thin, and slightly transparent.

The black cast iron teapots Arare and Hira Arare stand out due to their style and appearance. Especially important for health: when making a purchase, always ensure that you are getting originals. Poor copies at a low price are unfortunately common, and the cast iron of these pots is usually not beneficial for health!