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Who we are?

We, who are fully behind ORYOKI, are a small family business called workID. The company was founded in 1990 and the current managing director was one of the founders. The company has been active as a service provider in the retail sector since 1990. Sports products, designer furniture, lighting and kitchen appliances were and are daily themes at workID. Our passion for design, enthusiasm for good food, sustainability and high-quality products, but above all our enjoyment of contact with customers and the service tasks that come with working as a retailer, have shaped our decision to open our own store. That it became ORYOKI has its basis in our closeness to nature, in our conviction that less waste brings more quality of life, in our love of good, highly functional design and excellent craftsmanship, in our curiosity for other cultures, countries and people.

We are delighted to be able to share our enthusiasm with you.

High craftsmanship and attention to detail

High craftsmanship and attention to detail

Our philosophy

"That which contains just enough"! This explanation of the meaning of ORYOKI has become symbiotically linked with our store idea. When variety becomes abundance and complexity, we eventually reach a point that makes us turn back. On the path to the essential, to the core: reduction. The meditative power of ORYOKI shows that less can be more. More appreciation, more awareness. More happiness.

Oryoki starts with attention

Attention that went into the selection of the highest quality materials, the development of the design and its function. Only with this respect can each product receive the attention that its creators have earned. Carefully selected and used with respect, ORYOKI products give lasting pleasure as a unique connection between creator and user.

Masterful manufactories with tradition

Masterful manufactories with tradition

Excellent manufactories

The process of creating the product will always be part of the product itself. However, perfection is only achieved when it is truly recognized, when the mutual relationship between user and product creates happiness and satisfaction.

The beauty that surrounds us

We are part of what surrounds us. Respect and esteem are inexhaustible, valuable gifts. Reverence for nature and our environment is part of our daily lives.

The incredible beauty of nature

The incredible beauty of nature

Who are our partners?

We are based in Germany, our partners are almost exclusively based in Japan. Our connection to Japan is not only of a family nature, we have also found many values and convictions in faraway Japan that are similar to ours. Like us, most of our partner companies are run by families, some for several generations. Others are characterized by personalities among their employees who have been with the company for decades. In our opinion, closeness to nature, appreciation of good design, customer-oriented function and craftsmanship are not just image statements but are practiced on a daily basis. Traditions play a major role, but the search for new, innovative solutions is also not alien to the companies. We have discovered a phenomenon that has become rather rare in today's world: Input is seen as more important than output. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the products we offer involve a lot of manual work and very little machine or automation. Sure, it's more of a strong feeling than a rationally verifiable fact - but all of our partners have conveyed to us that it is fundamentally important to them to create products that are special, that are more than just fabric, metal or wood, that are infused with something unique during their production: the joy of the people who create them.