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Christmas gifts


The Art of Giving: Find the Perfect Christmas Gift

In this Christmas season, magic fills the air, especially in the search for the right gift. Let yourself be inspired by the diversity of Japanese craftsmanship – from elegant lacquerware bowls to fragrant incense. Each gift tells a story, steeped in tradition and aesthetics. Discover unique treasures that warm hearts and enrich the spirit. Christmas becomes a celebration of special moments and lasting memories.

Inspirations for Your Gift Selection

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Fragrant Harmony: Japanese Incense for Reflective Christmas

Discover the art of Japanese fragrances this Christmas with incense sticks from Shoyeido and HA KO Paper Incense from Konjudo. Each piece is a masterpiece of craftsmanship spanning over a century, a fusion of tradition and innovation. This incense, complemented by exclusive incense burners, creates a bridge between past and future, an olfactory experience that touches the soul. A gift that awakens the senses and transforms Christmas into a solemn symphony of scents.

From the shores of Awaji-shima - The origins of incense in Japan can be traced back far. In particular, the island of Awaji-shima claims a special place in the annals of history. Even in the oldest records of the "Nihon Shoki," it is reported about the beaches of Awaji-shima where precious fragrances were once washed ashore. Surrounded by sea and mountains and blessed with a mild climate all year round, the island remains the center of Japanese incense production to this day. There, the history of aroma culture breathes in every corner, in every breeze that blows across the island.

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Christmas Tea Culture: Handcrafted Kyusu Teapots

Give the gift of handmade Kyusu teapots from Tokoname and Banko this Christmas, masterpieces that elevate the tea-drinking experience. Each pot, a unique piece, reveals the secrets of clay, which enhances the flavor of tea in a miraculous way. These teapots are not just utensils, but symbols of the deeply rooted Japanese tea culture, expressed in every sip. A gift that combines tradition and taste.

Kyusu Clay Teapots »

Celebrate Christmas with the exquisite taste of Japanese green tea and ceremonial-grade Matcha. Each Matcha bowl and cast iron teapot speaks of deep tradition and craftsmanship. These gifts open up a world of tranquility and mindfulness, where each sip of tea feels like a festive ritual. Give an experience that touches the senses and captures the spirit of Japanese tea culture.

Japanese Green Teas & Test Sets»
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Timeless Sharpness: Handcrafted Japanese Knives for Christmas

In the world of Christmas gifts, hand-forged Japanese knives are a symbol of tradition and perfection. They tell a story of intricate craftsmanship, of masters dedicating their lives to creating precision tools. Each knife, a unique piece, combines elegance and function, a gift that transcends generations and reveals the soul of its heritage with every cut. A gift that not only slices but also touches hearts.


Japanese Knives »

Christmas in the kitchen is a feast for the senses with cast iron pans and pots. A gift that combines tradition and timeless elegance. Each dish prepared in cast iron unfolds deeper flavors and tells a story of multi-generational culinary artistry. A symbol of steadfastness and attention to detail, bringing festive warmth to the table and warming hearts.

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Holiday Radiance: Japanese Table Art as Christmas Magic

Christmas gifts inspired by Japanese table culture blend elegance and tradition. Lacquerware, with its glossy finesse, adds stylish accents to every festive meal. Complemented by intricate Oshibori, expressing hospitality and care, and the exquisite sake tradition, every table becomes an experience. These gifts infuse the Christmas celebration with a touch of Far Eastern harmony and exquisite aesthetics.

Japanese Tableware »

Celebrate Christmas the Japanese Way

Paper napkins come in countless variations and patterns, but a Japanese fabric napkin will still serve you well for years to come - not to mention the environmental aspect. And with the corresponding tableware and kitchen towels, doing the dishes after the meal practically takes care of itself. Even a simple task like washing dishes can be enhanced with a few pretty accessories.

Japanese Napkins, Oshibori»
Exquisite Lacquerware »

Christmas becomes a celebration of Japanese drinking culture with sake decanters and cups. Each set, masterfully crafted, is a work of art that honors the essence of sake. These gifts combine elegance with tradition, inviting shared moments of enjoyment. They are more than tableware – they are ambassadors of a rich culture that enriches every festive table with uniqueness and taste.

Sake Decanters and Cups »

Christmas receives a special touch with lacquerware bowls and finely crafted chopsticks. Each bowl, a masterpiece of harmony and aesthetics, turns the festive meal into a visual experience. The chopsticks, symbols of elegance and precision, invite you to savor the nuances of the food consciously. A gift that brings tradition and style to the table and enhances shared moments.

Lacquerware Bowls »
Wonderful Chopsticks »

Artful Elegance: Furoshiki, Kokeshi, and Wall Art for Christmas

Discover the beauty of Japan through Furoshiki cloths, Kokeshi decorative dolls, and enchanting wall art as Christmas gifts. Each Furoshiki tells its own story with its patterns, while Kokeshi captivates with its minimalist charm. Japanese wall art brings harmonious moods to any home. These gifts are a tribute to Japanese craftsmanship and invite you to delve into the depths of Far Eastern culture.

        Japanese Gifts »

Christmas becomes a celebration of sensual delicacy with handmade Japanese paper. Each sheet, a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, whispers stories of patience and devotion. It is more than a gift, it is a piece of culture that touches and inspires. Ideal for creative souls who appreciate the beauty in the delicacy and simplicity of life. A gift that leaves a lasting impression.

Handmade paper »
Japanese Wall pictures »
Japanese Kokeshi »

Versatile Charm: Furoshiki for Festive Moments

Furoshiki, the multitool of Japanese culture, transforms into the perfect gift for Christmas. As an elegant accessory, creative gift wrap, or stylish bag, each fold tells a story of versatility and sustainability. These traditional cloths combine beauty and practicality, a symbol of care and environmental consciousness. Give a piece of Japanese art that brings a touch of festivity to everyday life.

Japanese Furoshiki »

Furoshiki Cloths - Versatile and Sustainable

Furoshiki cloths are not only great for wrapping gifts for friends and family, they can also be used to create all kinds of magic. You can quickly conjure up a bag from a furoshiki, and you can find lots of instructions and inspiration for these pretty Japanese scarves on Pinterest.

Individual Furoshiki cloths »

Quickly Stored and Super Practical

Every woman knows that handbags can take up an incredible amount of space. But that's not the case with a Furoshiki bag. When not in use, the scarf and strap can be easily stored flat in a drawer. If you also have different scarves in different designs, you can create new bags again and again. A woman's heart will beat faster!

Furoshiki bags with straps »

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