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Incense Burners from Japan

Incense Burners from Japan
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Incense Burners - Highest Quality from Japan

Japan is not only known for the high-quality production of incense but also for its incense bowls and incense burners. In a Koh-Do (incense ceremony), great importance is placed on details. Smoking involves the use of intricately designed incense burners made from various materials such as cast iron, stoneware, soapstone, clay, and ceramics.

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More about Incense burners

What Are Incense Burners?

An incense burner refers to anything needed for the proper burning of incense materials. This includes items such as incense bowls, incense censers, incense pans, and incense stick holders, among others. Many countries are known for their history of incense usage. The materials and decorations of incense accessories vary across different cultures. In some countries, brass and soapstone dominate, while in others, ceramic and cast iron are more prevalent.

What is Each Incense Burner Used For?

For safely burning incense sticks, traditional incense stick holders can be used. Incense burners with lids that have holes for inserting sticks are also suitable. Some incense sand ensures a perfect grip in this accessory. If the diameter of the vessels matches, they can also be used very effectively for burning incense coils.

A tea light-powered incense warmer can be used to burn incense materials particularly gently, cleanly, and easily. If the upper part has a bowl shape, it can also be used with aromatic oils. The incense warmer with a sieve is ideal for burning frankincense, which is why it is often referred to as a frankincense burner.

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of other vessels and variations for incense burning. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to incense accessories. In Japan, there is also a trend for very minimalist, compact accessories that can be easily stored and carried while traveling.