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Hangiri, Ohitsu, and Bento Boxes - Accessories for the Perfect Sushi Experience

Learn more about our authentic kitchen utensils crafted from aromatic cedar wood that will turn your rice preparation into a cultural experience. Hangiri, Ohitsu, and the multifunctional Bento Box are masterpieces that perfect the taste and texture of your rice. They embody the philosophy of Shibata, a master of his craft, who shapes and combines cedar wood pieces with great care and dedication to create unique products for the modern everyday life. Discover the magic of the Shibata collection that captures the essence of Japanese traditions and brings it to your kitchen.

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Hangiri by Shibata: The Cedarwood Vessel for Perfect Sushi Rice

Hangiri - these cylindrical wooden vessels are indispensable in the realm of rice preparation. After cooking, the rice finds its new home here, is seasoned with rice vinegar, salt, and sugar, especially for sushi, and given time to cool. In this phase, the Hangiri reveals its true significance - it prevents the rice from becoming mushy and ensures an optimal texture for later enjoyment or sushi preparation. The exquisite Hangiri by Shibata stand out - they are crafted not from pine wood like their more affordable counterparts but from fragrant cedarwood. Beyond the characteristic scent, this natural wood offers antibacterial properties. The Shibata Hangiri comes with a two-part lid, a helpful detail when the rice needs to wait a while.

Ohitsu: Shibata's Handcrafted Wooden Containers for Fresh and Delicious Rice

Ohitsu - cylindrical wooden containers, masterpieces designed to preserve cooked rice fresh and flavorful. The artisans at Shibata, with dedication and expertise, select suitable pieces of cedarwood with straight grains, shape the prepared parts in hot water, and unite them with the bark of wild cherry trees. Once moist foods like cooked rice are placed in the Ohitsu, the natural cedar surface absorbs moisture. The rice doesn't stick and retains its delicious aroma even after cooling. Stored at room temperature, the cooked rice can be safely kept for up to 24 hours while remaining flavorful.

Cedarwood Bento Box: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The cedarwood bento box, a favorite in daily life, is an exquisite container for the protection of food, especially freshly prepared rice. By gently moistening the bento box, also known as Wappa, the rice remains supple for hours, imbued with the subtle scent of cedar. This natural chest can also serve as an Ohitsu, a cradle for cooked rice, which can be stored at room temperature for up to 24 hours. The Magewa collection combines traditional Magewappa techniques with a modern lifestyle, carefully crafted by Master Shibata Yoshimasa and designer Oji Masanori. These products for modern living are created by the hands of artisans in Odate, Akita Prefecture.