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Matcha Set at Oryoki

Matcha Set

Matcha Set
Japanese Matcha Set

Matcha Set – A Wonderful Matcha Gift

Matcha, the jade-green tea from Japan, is the most exclusive tea from the islands. An elegant gift of high quality, consisting of a bowl (Chawan), whisk (Chasen), and scoop (Chashaku), created by masters using traditional craftsmanship methods. Just right for Matcha enthusiasts. The centerpiece of a Matcha Tea Set is undoubtedly the Matcha bowl. Chawan are produced in very limited quantities by ceramic artists. These are wonderful, often highly exclusive and decorative products that are rarely available. Such a bowl adds a special touch to the healthy enjoyment of Matcha.

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More about Matcha set

Matcha is a green tea ground in stone mills, often made of granite, and is highly sought after for its health benefits and unique flavor. In our selection in the Matcha Tea category, you will find various quality levels, ranging from Premium to Contest Grade. The finely ground green powder has a wonderful jade green color, the intensity of which is considered a hallmark of quality.

Matcha from Japan is a Western Trend

Currently, powdered green tea is also gaining popularity outside of the Japanese tea ceremony. This is due in part to its green color, which can give food a fascinating appearance. Many are familiar with it from the trendy drink Matcha Latte To Go (Matcha Latte Recipe) or other Matcha beverages. Matcha ice cream provides a delicious refreshment in the summer. With this fine powder, you can create many other exciting food creations. Recipes for them are easily found on the internet. You can learn how to prepare traditional organic Matcha with a bamboo whisk and bamboo spoon in our Matcha Tea category: The Right Preparation of Matcha Tea. Enjoy our gift set.