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Organic Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea
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Oolong - Semi-Fermented Tea from Yakushima and Other Regions of the World

Oolong Tea 烏龍茶 is originally a Chinese specialty, literally translating to "black dragon." Its name origin lies in the appearance of the dark, twisted tea leaves: The black dragon is depicted in China as long, thin, and coiled. Oolong tea leaves are semi-fermented before steaming, placing it between lightly fermented green teas and Japanese black tea. Our KEIKO Oolong Karasu impresses with its exceptionally soft, velvety flavor with honey-like sweetness - an unparalleled taste experience!

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More about Oolong

In addition to the well-known green tea varieties, we also offer more specialized tea specialties. Oolong tea is "half" fermented before steaming, placing it between the lightly fermented Benifuuki tea and our Japanese black teas.

How is Oolong Tea Fermented?

Harvested tea leaves are broken by pressing them with a rolling machine. The juice that emerges from the leaf cells oxidizes with oxygen in the air, and for this, the tea leaves must be carefully spread out. The ambient temperature for this process is about 25-30°C. For black tea, this oxidation process is carried out until completion, while the oxidation of Oolong tea is prematurely stopped by drying. The fermentation duration of Oolong tea is crucial for the taste and aroma of the tea. During the fermentation process, the leaves are rolled and kneaded multiple times to ensure even fermentation. However, the fermentation process of Oolong tea is shorter than that of black tea and longer than that of green tea. Therefore, Oolong tea is referred to as semi-fermented tea. After fermentation, the leaves are dried and roasted to halt the fermentation process and intensify the tea's aroma. Roasted Oolong tea has a pleasantly mild aroma and a smooth taste, making it a popular tea worldwide.

The Right Preparation of Oolong Tea

Use 1 teaspoon per 100ml of water at a temperature between 70°C and 90°C, and steep for about 1-3 minutes. Follow the recommendations on the packaging to fully savor the tea's aroma. Oolong tea is very economical and can be steeped again with a few seconds of infusion time. For those who enjoy their tea as a cold brew, you can achieve an intense flavor with a steeping time of 4 minutes. Afterward, additional hot infusions can be made.