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Nobuho Miya


Nobuho Miya

"Nobuho Miya was born in 1952 in Morioka, Japan. The area is known for high-quality cast iron products. Nobuho Miya studied at the prestigious National College of Fine Arts in Tokyo and is the third generation to run a foundry for cast iron products founded in the Meiji era. During World War II, the foundry was completely destroyed. However, with government assistance, it was faithfully rebuilt because the building was considered particularly traditional and worth preserving. This is perhaps one reason why Nobuho Miya never wanted to leave the small forge factory of his ancestors, even though the demand for his products has increased significantly over time."

"Timelessly beautiful forms combined with a material for eternity"

"The interplay of function and art"

Nobuho Miya

Miya is a passionate designer, fascinated by beautiful forms and with a preference for minimalist design. His works have been internationally recognized and awarded, including at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. As a master in the production of Nanbu Tekki, the traditional Japanese ironware craft, Nobuho Miya creates meticulously crafted, particularly thin-walled products from cast iron.

Miya navigates between the worlds of design and art, always in search of new beautiful forms. He designs and produces many traditional household products, often with a modern interpretation. Cast iron pans, pots, bowls, tetsubin and teapots, even bottle openers. However, he also creates some decorative items such as ornaments, vases, or experimental objects, for which multiple uses are conceivable. The buyer decides on the type of use. All products are finely crafted to meet his standards.

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