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Sushi Set

Sushi Set

Sushi Set
Sushi Set - Decoratively Served

Served Decoratively - on the Extraordinary Sushi Set

Sushi is one of the most well-known traditional dishes in Japan. With the appropriate presentation on a high-quality sushi set, you honor this artistic delicacy and enhance the enjoyment. It's only with the right sushi dishes that the colorful rolls truly shine. When it comes to a sushi set, we differentiate between the ingredients and the tableware. There are no strict rules, but it typically includes plates, chopsticks, small bowls for soy sauce, and a large sushi plate for serving.

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More about Sushi set

For preparation, a hangiri, as well as a sushi rolling mat or a sushi maker, are ideal for seasoning sushi rice. Japanese ingredients such as soy sauce, sushi ginger, wasabi, and, of course, high-quality nori sheets and sushi rice are needed. The popular seaweed sheets come in three quality categories, from affordable to expensive. Just like with rice, it's worth investing in good quality here as well. For preparation, we've created a blog article here for you.

Sushi is a visual delight - the right presentation

White rice looks especially good on dark dinnerware. Depending on your taste, a very simple monochromatic design in black or white, or an Asian pattern, works better. "You eat with your eyes," and this couldn't be truer for hardly any other dish. Chopsticks are a must-have on the table. High-quality chopsticks are given special attention in Japan since they are used to bring sushi to the mouth. Always pour only a little soy sauce into the small dish. In Japan, great care is taken not to waste soy sauce.

The right chopsticks for sushi

For the ultimate sushi experience, choose chopsticks that match the artistry of sushi. They should be handcrafted, made of wood in a natural finish or with a natural, food-safe urushi lacquer. With these premium chopsticks, you will be able to enjoy your homemade sushi at a high level.

Elegant Sushi Dinnerware Sets at Oryoki

In composing our sushi sets, we have made every effort to do justice to the art of sushi on the plate. The Japanese sets in this category consist of 4-6 pieces. In each sushi dinnerware set from a series, we have always included matching utensils, such as handcrafted chopsticks from Marunao, Kihachi, or Gato Mikio. The composition of the sushi set and the Japanese accessories vary depending on the dinnerware set series. A sushi set may include a soy sauce pitcher or sauce dishes. We wish you the utmost enjoyment of sushi!