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Japanese Cast Iron Pot by Oryoki

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Japanese Cast Iron Pot
High-Quality Cast Pots

Cast Iron Pots – Handcrafted in Japan

With cast iron pots and pans, you can prepare particularly delicious dishes. If the cast iron pot is of high quality. Cast iron pots from Japan, specifically from Iwate, have an excellent reputation worldwide. They are also widely used in Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany. You can evenly sear meat, and the cast iron roasters and pots in our selection are perfect for the oven. Once you've prepared a roast in cast iron, you won't want to go back to stainless steel, aluminum, or copper.

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Cast Iron from Iwate – Traditional Craftsmanship, Extremely Long Lifespan

Cookware from Iwate Prefecture is crafted using traditional methods. This process is very time-consuming and requires extensive expertise. Naturally, only the very best raw material, meaning the highest quality iron, is used for crafting these valuable, handcrafted pieces from our globally renowned forges. Once properly seasoned, cleaning and maintenance for a cast iron pot and pans is very straightforward. In our blog, you'll find a maintenance guide as well as seasoning instructions. Please note that the lid of a pot or roaster also needs to be seasoned. A compelling argument for the price of a good pot is its exceptionally long lifespan!

Cast Iron Seasoning Guide »

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Excellent Heat Conductivity, Lightweight

Stainless steel is a poor conductor of heat, while high-quality cast iron is excellent in this regard. Why is the cast iron pot from Iwate surprisingly lightweight? The secret lies in Nambu Tekki, a manufacturing technique practiced and perfected by artisans for centuries. It enables the creation of exceptionally thin-walled and highly moldable cast iron pots and cast iron pans. The designs of these cast iron products are minimalist and modern, earning them multiple global accolades.

An optical delight in the kitchen, surpassed only by the delicious dishes talented chefs create with this cookware. The cast iron pans and pots with flat bottoms in our offering are also optimal for induction. For those cooking with induction, we recommend heating the cast iron pot or pan slowly instead of immediately setting it to the highest temperature. Avoid abrupt temperature changes, even during cleaning with cold water. The bottom heats up very quickly with induction, so it's best to heat it a bit more cautiously. Cast iron models at very low prices are often made from inferior materials, resulting in poorer heat conductivity.

Healthy Cooking – Cooking with Top-Quality Cast Iron

The top-notch production of pots and pans by manufacturers from Iwate enhances the joy of cooking and the quality of dishes. However, it's the material, tested natural iron, and the fact that the cookware is neither chemically treated nor coated that contribute significantly to health. Regular cooking and roasting with a cast iron pot or cast iron roaster effectively counteract iron deficiency, a condition that is widespread today. Moreover, many believe that food prepared in a cast iron pot tastes better. Thanks to improved heat retention, dishes served in cast iron stay warm even without a lid for an extended period.

The Cast Iron Selection at Oryoki

We are enthusiastic about Japanese cast iron and have carefully curated our selection in this category. A cast iron roaster with a lid is ideal for braising, but our cast iron pans and pots are also recommended for simmering meat and vegetables. When making your selection, always pay attention to size, as everything tends to be slightly smaller in Japanese households. Some products (cast iron pot, roaster, and pans) from our manufacturers are part of the Museum of Modern Arts exhibition in New York.

Since our cast iron products do not have wooden handles, they are suitable for use on the stove, in the oven, or on a grill. We typically avoid enamel coating, as it reduces the release of natural iron and doesn't work as effectively. Each pot and pan indicates whether it is suitable for induction or other cooktops. The capacity is always specified in liters. Anyone who enjoys cooking and occasionally prepares a roast will find great pleasure in having high-quality cast iron in their kitchen. Enjoy the preparation process as much as the delicious result, no matter the cost.