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Cast Iron Accessories at ORYOKI

Cast Iron Accessories

Cast Iron Accessories
Cast Iron Accessories

Practical Accessories for Cast Iron

Our Japanese manufacturers recommend the following products for the care and handling of cast iron items. Cast iron pans and pots can bring joy for a lifetime when properly treated and cleaned. A brush made of natural fibers, as well as a soft cloth, are ideal for this purpose.

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More about Accessories

Coasters and warmers made of cast iron are excellent for use with cast iron teapots, Tetsubin, cast iron pans, and cast iron pots. These products are also crafted by our manufacturers and are of high quality.

Iron Eggplants are Popular Accessories in Japan

In Japan, iron eggplants are used as additives to foods during pickling or cooking. This enriches the water or food with healthy iron. Shellfish enthusiasts use them to help the clams "spit out the sand" more quickly.

Japanese Traditions - Cast Iron Incense Burners

Smoking is traditionally part of the Japanese tea ceremony. Therefore, it is not unusual for our Japanese manufacturers to produce these beautiful incense burners. Arare patterns are popular, as are designs inspired by cherry blossoms.