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Japanese Tableware

Japanese Tableware

Japanese Cuisine Means Enjoying Health

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. With their way of life, the Japanese fascinate many other nations. Modern forward-thinking coexists with traditional values that are extensively nurtured. And, especially when it comes to food and drink, Japan has a lot of tradition, culture, and an incredible variety to offer. The ability to enjoy at a high level and the pleasantly high life expectancy are closely related.


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Awareness from Food to Japanese Tableware

Japanese master chef and founder of Nippon Culinary Exchange, Hirohisa Koyama, once said, "Flavor arises from the cutting of an ingredient, not just from cooking!" Ultimately, he expresses that to enjoy perfection, high attention from the beginning of preparation to the dining experience is meaningful and necessary to achieve the highest enjoyment.

Accordingly, Japan has secured an outstanding position as a manufacturer of Japanese tea sets, kitchen utensils, and, of course, Japanese tableware over hundreds of years. Porcelain traditionally plays a significant role in many aspects of Japanese culture. Tea is prepared in carefully crafted teapots, sushi is presented on designer plates as an absolute centerpiece. Overall, the form and appearance of Japanese porcelain play a significant role in Asian cuisine.

Japanese Tableware: Elegant Porcelain, Finest Lacquerware, and Diverse Teapots

Nowhere else could the contrasts be so great and simultaneously so natural. Highly automated industrial production coexists with a well-developed traditional craftsmanship. And it is precisely this craftsmanship that produces products that cannot be found in other countries, or are no longer available. Fine Japanese porcelain and dinnerware are sought after worldwide, while lacquerware – such as eating utensils, sushi plates, rice bowls, soup bowls, and Japanese decorative bowls – is exquisite and stands out confidently from the many cheap imitations. Sushi and sake are in demand not only in Japan but also in the West. Japanese rice wine, made from rice, is becoming increasingly popular here as well. And enjoying sake requires the appropriate Asian sake tableware. The often elaborately crafted porcelain sake sets create the perfect ambiance. The Asian teapot is perfect for enjoying tea after the traditional tea ceremony.

Ceramic Plates, Sushi Bowls for Soy Sauce

It is above all the attention to detail that makes handmade Japanese porcelain so admirable. This can be seen in the intricately shaped bowls for the precious soy sauce in Japan, as well as in the hand-decorated ceramic tea bowls and Japanese tea sets.

Rice and noodles play a significant role in Japanese cuisine, and this is naturally reflected in Japanese tableware. Rice and noodles are usually served in bowls and dishes. The size and color of the bowls can vary, but the quality of the rice bowl always enhances the enjoyment of the meal. This also applies to Japanese chopsticks.

Porcelain at Oryoki – A Play of Minimalism and Diversity

Dish styles in Japan vary greatly. Traditional porcelain, such as the tea service, is often hand-painted in muted colors with Japanese motifs. Modern tableware can feature very fresh colors, even very bright, vivid colors. And then there is the minimalist line, often monochromatic (frequently blue), white, or black. In our offering in this category, we focus on high-quality craftsmanship and minimalist design.

We do not expand the product range at any cost, but rather very slowly, as we believe that, especially in often daily-used tableware, the passion from production transfers to the appreciation of the user. When you choose tableware at Oryoki, you use it daily and enjoy the tangible love that has gone into its production.