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Urushi Lacquer


Urushi-Enhanced Bowls: Elegance in Every Detail

Urushi, the heart of Japanese lacquerware, symbolizes a deep connection to millennia-old craftsmanship. This vibrant lacquer, derived from the sap of the lacquer tree, enhances each piece into a work of art. In every brushstroke lies the patience and precision of the master, making each piece a tribute to the past and a promise to the future. Urushi is not just a material, it is a heritage that tells stories of reverence and elegance.

When you behold an ORYOKI bowl enhanced with Urushi, you discover a world of subtle elegance. Every curve, every glint speaks of the care and respect imbued in their craftsmanship. These bowls are not just vessels for food; they are witnesses of a rich culture and bearers of an aesthetic that transforms the ordinary into a work of art.

In Japan, the gradual transformation of Urushi lacquer is cherished – a symbol of the natural course of life. Thus, each Kumi-wan piece gradually tells its own individual story over time. The subtle wood grain, revealed through the lacquer, gives each bowl its own identity that harmonizes with the inherent coloration of the wood.

The Art of Urushi Lacquering: A Process of Patience and Perfection

The art of Urushi lacquering is a dance between patience and perfection. Each layer of lacquer must be carefully applied and then cured in a humid and dark environment to develop its characteristic depth and shine. This process, often taking weeks or even months, reflects the dedication and passion infused into each piece. It is an art form that captures both the transience and timelessness of beauty.

Urushi lacquered tea caddies: preservers of fine flavors

An Urushi-lacquered tea caddy from ORYOKI is more than just a place to store tea. It is a guardian of fine aromas and a symbol of the appreciation of the tea ceremony. Its shine and texture tell of the care and attention that goes into its production. Each opening of the tin is a ceremony that celebrates respect for tea and craftsmanship.

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Experience a perfect fusion of practical functionality and aesthetic sophistication with the Tsumugi tableware set from umu design, created by Ishizaki Nurture. This six-piece ensemble is an ode to Japanese culinary culture, which is characterized by the art of serving and enjoying a variety of dishes at the same time. Each element of the set - consisting of three bowls and three plates - is carefully coordinated to present soup, rice and a selection of delicious snacks in style.

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The clear shapes and the unadulterated naturalness of the zelkoven wood used testify to a deep appreciation of the material and its origins. The craftsmanship expressed in each product is brought to life by experienced master craftsmen who carefully shape each piece and finish it with Urushi, the traditional Japanese tree resin lacquer. This special lacquering technique, which has long been used to restore valuable cultural assets, not only gives the pieces a unique resilience, but also a lively appearance that gains character over time.

With the Kumi-wan series from Tsuchinao, we invite you to experience and appreciate the strength and beauty of these exquisite bowls in everyday use. It is not only an act of enjoyment, but also a deep connection to a world where the appreciation of craftsmanship, material and design can be felt in every detail.

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Full enjoyment with high-end lacquerware

The art of Japanese lacquer, obtained from the carefully tapped sap of the lacquer tree and perfected through sophisticated refinement processes, is a masterpiece of patience and precision. The lacquer is applied in extremely thin layers and takes a long time to harden due to its unique properties. This takes place under the influence of high humidity, which makes the lacquer not only hard but also amazingly flexible. Its surface offers a cool yet pleasant feel.

In the art of painting, the quality of the surface is crucial and is directly dependent on the nature of the substrate. The base material and the primer layers form the foundation on which the exquisite surface of the lacquer is created. As with any demanding craft, the production of Japanese lacquer requires a combination of patience, care and precision to ensure an outstanding end product.

The elegance of Urushi refined wooden cutlery

Urushi-finished wooden cutlery represents an extraordinary combination of natural beauty and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Each piece is a tribute to the centuries-old technique of Urushi lacquering, which not only protects the wood, but also gives it an incomparable shine and deep, rich color.

These cutlery sets, made from carefully selected types of wood, offer a unique feel thanks to their fine grain and velvety surface.urushi-finished wooden cutlery is not only a functional utensil for everyday use, but also a work of art that enriches dining culture. It combines functionality with aesthetic grace and brings a touch of elegance and tradition to the dining table. Ideal for lovers of fine craftsmanship, this cutlery adds a sense of ceremony and appreciation to any meal.

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The art of Oryoki bowls: refined masterpieces

Oryoki bowls, also known as Ouryouki or Buddha bowls, are more than just tableware - they are symbols of simplicity and mindfulness. Originally used by Buddhist monks, these bowls embody a philosophy of 'just enough', where every meal becomes an act of contemplation.

Made from the precious wood of the Japanese Zelkove, a member of the elm family and known for its slow growth, these bowls are masterpieces of craftsmanship. The careful craftsmanship of Gatomikio's master artisans gives each bowl a unique texture and shape.

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