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Sushi Knife

Sushi Knives

Sushi Knives
The Right Sushi Knife

Artfully Slicing with the Right Sushi Knife

A proper sushi knife corresponds to the Japanese fillet knife (Yanagiba), as fresh fish is primarily used in sushi. To artfully cut it into the right shape, a sharp Japanese sushi knife is an ideal tool. For slicing, it is also advantageous to use a sharp knife for the beauty of each individual piece of sushi, ensuring the shape is retained and a smooth cutting surface is created.

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Proper Care for Sushi Knives

It's important to properly care for all Japanese knives. Make sure, for example, that the knives do not come into contact with other metallic objects. Furthermore, maintenance instructions are included in the product description, and by following them, you will enjoy the sharpness of these knives for a long time.