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Enjoy like in Japan

Cookbooks and exciting tea stories

Immerse Yourself in the World of Japanese Cuisine

Appreciation and respect for nature play a significant role in Japanese cuisine (Washoku 和食). The deep connection with the country's traditions forms the basis for many Japanese recipes, which captivate Western chefs. Despite their sophistication and flavor-intensive complexity, it is a cuisine that finds its foundation in the ingredients themselves. It's no wonder that Washoku translates literally to "harmony of food." This harmony specifically refers to the selection of ingredients, their preparation, and the visual presentation of the dishes.

That Asian cuisine has much more to offer than rice and raw fish is now well known in Western countries. For the umami flavor experience, you don't even have to travel far, because with our cookbooks, you can successfully prepare Japanese dishes right at home.

Cookbook and magazine

Grilling Japanese Style - Yakitori & Yakiniku

How do you grill Japanese style? Like this: a bit of technique, short grilling times, maximum flavor. Preparation is everything, but it's also pure pleasure. Gathered around the table, with the grill ready, delicious drinks, and anticipation of a great meal. Fantastic ideas for Yakitori, Yakiniku, and Korean BBQ with matching sauces and side dishes, as well as for Izakaya snacks. Drink recommendations are also provided. Information on grilling and cutting techniques, tips for sharpening knives, choosing the right charcoal, and selecting the perfect tabletop grill are very helpful for perfect preparation.

Light Recipes and Delightful Marinades

Highly detailed instructions for exquisite meats, vegetables, fish, and poultry. And of course, traditional Japanese dishes like Yakitori, Yaki Onigiri, or fish in a salt crust. Refined chicken wings are also on the menu, along with a garlic-soy sauce marinade and Yuzu Kosho scallops. Is your mouth watering yet? We've tested several of the recipes ourselves, of course using our cast iron pans. And we were so impressed that we're delighted to offer you this book as well.

Entertaining and Exciting - Japanese Cuisine

Both traditional and modern dishes are extensively described here. Whether you prefer to cook and enjoy Dashi, Ramen, Sushi, or Tonkatsu, the choice is yours. Look forward to professional tricks that make Japanese cooking easier for you. Anyone who thinks Japanese cuisine is too complicated is mistaken. This practical recipe guide shows that it can be done differently. All necessary cooking utensils are easy to obtain - so you can quickly and easily recreate the world of Ramen, Sushi & Co. at home.

A journey to the best recipes in the world

Discover the incredible diversity of dumplings here. National and regional specialties await you on this journey through Central, South, or East Asia, the Alps, Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe. Whether it's meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, or sweets, there's something for everyone here.

Japanese dumplings

Anything But Boring: Tofu

Forget about it: forget about boring, forget about tasteless, forget about monotonous. Whatever prejudice you may have against tofu, Mrs. Zaltenbach dispels it with this entertaining, thorough, and appetizing book. Tofu is much more than a healthy source of protein. The delicious recipes range from creative breakfast ideas to classic soups and bowls, fish and meat dishes, to desserts. Entertaining, perfect for cooking breaks, are the beautifully illustrated travel reports, and informative is the detailed product knowledge. So if you're going to have tofu, make it like this. Bon appétit.

Miso: Recipes – Culture – People

Enthusiastic lovers of Asian cuisine will find what they're looking for here. Claudia Zaltenbach, a courageous cook, is a seasoned travel blogger. Without knowing the cooking culture, the country remains foreign to her. Her motto is therefore: Be passionate and enjoy. The chef's enthusiasm is evident in every recipe. With Miso, Claudia has created a masterpiece for the ultimate umami taste in a refined cross-over cuisine. Actually, there's nothing that wouldn't get even better with a bit of Miso!

Matcha - the trendy green powder

Matcha is becoming increasingly popular. Enjoyed as tea, it is healthy, invigorating, and extremely tasty. But Japan's green gold can do more. You will find many inspirations in this green recipe book by Lene Knudsen. You will quickly discover that Matcha is wonderfully suited to significantly expand the flavor world of cakes and cookies, ice cream, creams, and smoothies. With this compact collection of recipes for classics, snacks, breakfast, little treats, and desserts, you will bring healthy momentum and green energy into your kitchen.

Matcha recipe book

For those with a sweet tooth: Japanese confectionery

Mathilda Motte is a food stylist, blogger, illustrator, and – above all – enthusiastic. She shows how to easily make authentic Mochi, Dango, Daifuku, or Nerikiri. In addition to the original ingredients, European alternatives are also provided, so the sweet temptation never fails due to a lack of shopping sources. Detailed drawings of the basic steps help in making these sweet delicacies so effectively that the fun is always preserved.

t-Magazine - First Flush

The first issue of the t-Magazine was a great success. On printed paper, it's all about exciting stories about the tastiest leaves in the world, page after page, prepared by tea experts and professional journalists. Whether it's a journey through China's magical tea landscape, fascinating insights into the world of Sencha and Darjeelings, or as a guide for your next favorite tea - all this and much more in the 52-page t-Magazine.

t-Magazine - Second Flush

The second issue of the t-Magazine is here! Discover how tea ceremonies can bring more mindfulness into everyday life, or learn about the relationship between tea and citrus fruits, all in over 76 pages of the new magazine for tea enthusiasts.

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