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Product packaging from Oryoki


Japan's Attention to Detail in Product Packaging

In Japan, great importance is placed on product packaging. Fine tissue paper, beautifully designed inserts with information about the designer and manufacturer, charming paper boxes, and finely crafted wooden boxes make opening the product a special experience. Attention to detail is paramount.

ORYOKI product packaging
ORYOKI product packaging

A small selection of gifts at a glance:

High-Quality Rice Bowls and Furoshiki in Cardboard Boxes

These rice and soup bowls from the Gato Mikio workshop are part of our collection of the finest Japanese lacquerware. The wooden bowls are delicately crafted to be very thin, enhancing the dining experience. They pair beautifully with our wide selection of fine chopsticks. The packaging consists of a sturdy cardboard box labeled with the workshop's emblem. The bowl itself is wrapped in tissue paper.

Rice and Soup Bowls Assortment »

Stylish Furoshiki in the Gift Box

The standard packaging for our versatile Furoshiki comes from our workshop. It's a beautiful black gift box. The cloths themselves are wrapped in white tissue paper. The contrast between the pattern and the outer packaging looks simply wonderful when unwrapped.

Furoshiki Assortment »

Japanese Fans from the Wooden Box

These handmade fans from the Maisendo workshop are usually shipped in a separate case, packaged in an elegant wooden box depending on the model (please refer to the individual product description). You can find the wooden box, for example, with the Yoru Ladies' Fan for 65 euros or the Kiyoshisakura Hand Fan in Purple, also for 65 euros.

Japanese Hand Fans »

Japanese Kyusu in Handcrafted Wooden Gift Boxes

The wooden gift box from Gyokko is wonderfully detailed. The gift ribbon is integrated into the wooden box, and the lid is decorated with Japanese calligraphy. "A small piece of perfection," as one customer shared in the comments, bringing "great joy to the recipient." We couldn't agree more. In the "Japanese Teapots" category, you'll find some of our Japanese Kyusu as gift versions in this wooden box, such as the Tokoname Sendan Sen Maru teapot.

Japanese Teapots »

On the first image, you see the Obizutsu tea canister made from silk oak. In the second image, there are the Obizutsu tea canisters made from maple and from cherry bark, wenge. All tea canisters in the range are wonderfully and carefully packaged. The natural materials have a very special aesthetic, protecting the tea from moisture and preserving the tea aroma for a long time.

Various tea canisters »

Tea Canisters in Durable Cardboard Boxes

The tea canisters from the Denshiro workshop are a work of art. Crafted from the finest woods with exceptional skill, these tea canisters are handmade. They come in an elegant cardboard box with Japanese labeling.

Japanese Chopsticks in Gift Box

Japanese Chopsticks in Gift Box

Our chopsticks from various manufacturers are a popular and very beautiful gift. Marunao specializes in particularly elegant chopsticks, and the packaging is both simple and beautiful. Wonderful gift sets with two pairs of chopsticks, including a rest, are also available in exquisite wooden boxes. Another style, but no less beautiful, is maintained by the Yumekobo workshop. The fine inlays in particular highlight the chopsticks.

Beautiful Chopsticks »

Organic Green Tea Test Sets in Beautiful Boxes

Organic Green Tea Test Sets in Beautiful Boxes

Organic Green Tea Test Sets in Beautiful Boxes

Green tea is always associated with health, as is well known. But which variety is best to give to a green tea lover? For this purpose, we offer our exquisite Organic Green Tea Test Sets with different focuses (BASIC | FLAVORS | PREMIUM | SUPER-PREMIUM | UMAMI | ROASTED | SENCHA). Packaged in a beautiful gift box with wooden wool and silk paper, the variety of flavors included will delight the recipient.

If you're sure about the recipient's preference, you can also opt for the larger package. The exceptionally high-quality Gyokuro, a premium Sencha, or Kabusecha, as well as one of the rarities such as the Tamaryokucha, will surely satisfy any tea lover.

Various Green Tea Varieties »

Sharp Japanese Knives in Elegant Wooden Gift Box

The craftsmanship of the masters behind our Japanese knives is excellent. However, the packaging can also be a sight to behold, as demonstrated by the Kanehiro workshop with their wooden gift boxes available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Wonderfully crafted and extremely high-quality. Our Damascus Hammered series with White Ebony handle comes with these boxes as standard. For other knives, the box can be ordered separately. Other knives from the Kanehiro forge are shipped in high-quality cardboard boxes. The Yamato and Yuri series also come in their own wooden boxes.

White Ebony series »

Feinste Lacquerware in schwarzer Schachtel

Dishes made of wood are customary for Japanese people. However, this quality is also rarely widespread in Japan. For us, it is something unusual and special to eat from wooden plates and bowls. But the lacquerware turns every meal into a delight. As a gift, the products are also wonderfully suitable. Carefully wrapped in tissue paper, with product information in fine print and in black, sturdy packaging. This is how the gift reaches the recipient. If that doesn't bring joy.

Lacquerware Assortment »

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