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Japanese Cast Iron by Oryoki

Cast Iron from Japan

Japanese Cast Iron

Cast Iron from Japan – the Best Foundation for Excellent Cookware

Cookware made of durable cast iron is practically a must in Japan for those who appreciate high-level culinary experiences. Why are Japanese products among the most renowned globally? In addition to the high-quality craftsmanship, a very good reason for this is the raw material used by the best manufacturers.


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Responsible Manufacturers Serving Your Health

The raw materials for the production of cast iron range from very inexpensive materials from industrial recycling to carefully selected iron ore. The price differences are enormous. Renowned manufacturers from Japan use exclusively high-quality iron ore as raw material. The best ones have it tested before use to be absolutely certain to offer a top-quality product that promotes the health of their customers. Cast iron from our manufacturers is among the best available worldwide. High-quality Japanese cast iron combats the widespread iron deficiency, enhances the taste of food, and is extremely durable.

Nanbu Tekki - the Lightness of Being

For over 400 years, the traditional crafting methods of artisans in the finest Japanese forges have been practiced and perfected. Thanks to this "art," Nanbu Tekki, it is possible to create very thin-walled products even from cast iron. The advantages are clear: much lighter than you'd expect. And even more beautiful. Because the exceptional designs are only achievable through Nambu Tekki.