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Knife Sets
Knife Sets at ORYOKI

The Perfect Knife Set for Every Occasion

A knife set is the ideal foundation for aspiring home chefs and professionals alike. This selection of Japanese knife sets is composed of very high-quality knives and, with some care, will provide long-lasting joy in the kitchen. Most sets consist of 2 or 3 pieces, offering a sensible combination of different knife types for various tasks and providing a price advantage compared to individual purchases. A knife set should always include different shapes for different tasks.

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More about Knife sets

Buying Guide for Excellent Knife Sets

The choice of the right kitchen knife set depends on individual requirements and preferences. How often will the kitchen knives be used? How sharp should they be? How frequently do they need sharpening, and what level of edge retention is desired? How much maintenance effort are you willing to invest? Besides the craftsmanship of the smith, the quality of the materials used plays a crucial role. Of course, price is also a relevant factor. In our selection, you will primarily find hand-forged and consistently high-quality knife sets.

Damascus Steel, Aogami, Shirogami, VG-10, and AUS8 – The Best Knife Sets for Different Needs

The choice of steel and the art of forging are responsible for the quality of a blade. Our knives are crafted by experienced Japanese blacksmiths who have typically learned their craft within the family and passed it down to the next generation.

Damascus steel, or Damascus steel, is made from two different steels that are forge-welded together to create an entirely new material. Our Damascus knife sets are characterized by high hardness, exceptional sharpness, relative flexibility, and durability. They maintain a sharp edge and are relatively easy to sharpen. They are not entirely rustproof, so it's recommended to dry them after use and occasionally apply some knife oil.

Our knife sets with Damascus steel and a VG-10 stainless steel core strike an excellent balance between hardness (up to 61 HRC) and flexibility. Therefore, these sets are suitable for both hobby and professional chefs who have high demands on edge retention and sharpness.

The blades of the Damascus knife set "Nami" are made from Shirogami 2, white paper steel. Their hardness and properties are similar to the Aogami sets, though without the addition of tungsten and chromium. This results in slightly lower wear resistance. These kitchen knives also offer extremely high sharpness. This is the right set for the ambitious hobby gourmet with high expectations, and who doesn't mind regular maintenance.

The Nashiji knife sets are forged with Aogami super, blue paper steel. Due to the high carbon content, they are extremely hard (up to 66 HRC), providing maximum sharpness but are not rustproof. This makes them more susceptible to breakage, so lever forces should be avoided. This set is suitable for professional chefs who love and care for their kitchen knives.

The knife sets made from AUS-8 steel contain slightly less carbon (0.7 - 1.1%) and have slightly lower blade hardness (up to 60 HRC). They still offer excellent sharpness and moderate edge retention. These knives may require more frequent sharpening with regular use. They are fantastic sets at a moderate price for home cooks who enjoy using a sharpening stone every 6-8 weeks.

What to Consider When Choosing Knife Handles?

Choosing the right handle should take into account personal preferences. The handle shape should feel comfortable. There are oval and octagonal handles, and many people find both comfortable to hold, while some prefer one over the other. The handles in our White-Ebony and Rose-Ebony series are custom-made with a bulge for the little finger to provide even better grip. Japanese kitchen knives often have handles for both left and right-handed users, and our range includes handles that suit both. Most of our knives feature full wooden handles, which should be periodically oiled. Some beginners prefer wooden laminate handles, as they require less maintenance.

Storage and Care of Knife Sets

Sharp knives should never be stored unprotected among other knives in a drawer. The blades rubbing against each other can lead to dullness and damage. This can be easily avoided by using clear separators or blade guards. A magnetic knife strip or a knife block is an even better storage solution. For transporting your favorite knives, a leather knife bag is ideal. We provide instructions, both in text and video format, for sharpening your kitchen knives on a Japanese water sharpening stone, which are included with the products and available online. Additionally, through our partner, we offer a knife sharpening service for your knife set.

On our YouTube channel, you can find a video tutorial on how Japanese masters sharpen knives on a Japanese waterstone.

Conclusion: More Joy in Cutting

For food enthusiasts, one thing matters most - full enjoyment. And this can begin in the kitchen with an excellent knife set. Good knives can last their owner a long time, providing joy during use. Poor-quality knives, unfortunately, also last a long time but without the pleasure of use. That's why we recommend using only favorite knives.