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Japanese Rice Bowls, Japanese Bowls Made from Precious Material

Japanese Rice Bowls

Japanese Rice Bowls
The Rice Bowl – at the Center of Enjoyment

The Rice Bowl – at the Center of Enjoyment

In Japan, nothing is more important on the table than the rice bowl filled with delicious rice. It can be sushi rice (short-grain rice), mochi rice (medium-grain rice), or any other popular variety of rice. But rice is a must. Perhaps that's why the typical dining bowl is called a rice bowl, even though it is used for many other dishes as well, including soups, vegetables, fish, and meat dishes.

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More about Rice bowls

Japanese Rice Bowls - Few Shapes, Many Designs, Several Materials

The shapes of Japanese rice bowls or soup bowls are only subtly varied. Mainly, high-quality, handmade bowls offer interesting variations in detail. Our rice bowls are characterized by their elegant, minimalist design, which, combined with precious materials, is primarily found in high cuisine. Good taste often favors restraint over flashy, colorful decorations. Leading materials for rice bowls include porcelain, wooden lacquerware, and glazed stoneware. The sizes of rice bowls vary, with heights starting at approximately 5 cm.

Rice Bowls and Soup Bowls - Japanese Dining Ware

In Japan, dishes are often served in various bowls. These dining bowls, wooden bowls, and lacquer bowls can be used as rice bowls, soup bowls, sauce bowls, or bowls for side dishes. Depending on the type of dish, the size of the dining bowl is varied. Typical Japanese dishes served in a bowl on a bed of rice require a larger rice bowl than dishes distributed in multiple bowls. The high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship of dining bowls at Oryoki ensure the right dining experience for typical Japanese dishes. The matching chopsticks for the rice bowl complete the image of the perfect place setting.

Dining Bowls and Rice Bowls at Oryoki

What different types of rice bowls are available at Oryoki?

  • Rice bowls made of porcelain in white and cream colors by Ceramic Japan: Wonderfully combinable with matching plates and sauce dishes.
  • Soup bowls and wooden rice bowls in natural wood finish: The sizes of dining bowls vary slightly. The Sensai bowl has a diameter of approximately 12 cm, Koma is approximately 10.5 cm, and the smallest is Mari with approximately 10 cm.
  • Rice bowls with Urushi lacquer coating in black, red, and brown. The lacquering with Urushi lacquer (organic tree resin lacquer) is done by hand in multiple layers.
  • Most rice bowls are available individually. Porcelain dining bowls are also available as sets of 2 or 4.
  • Oryoki's rice bowls, crafted with the utmost care, enhance the enjoyment of meals with each use.

The larger the dining bowl, the more suitable it is as a soup bowl for the popular Japanese noodle soup (Ramen). The smaller bowls can be used very flexibly for rice, side dishes, or even partially as tea bowls.