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Keiko Tee von Shimodozono Co. Ltd., Kagoshima City

Our Japanese tea supplier is located on the Kagoshima Peninsula in the southern part of Japan. In a subtropical climate, with volcanic soils, our tea varieties are cultivated on an organic farm. All Keiko teas are shaded with nets - this ensures higher quality despite lower yields. The valuable plants grow more slowly due to the shading, but also produce more active ingredients and flavor compounds, resulting in significantly more aromatic teas. The typical processing of tea leaves in Japan involves steaming, cooling, rolling, drying, and then vacuum-sealing under a protective atmosphere.

Optimal enjoyment in organic quality

Did you know that the Shimodozono Organic Farm in Japan was the first to be certified according to EU organic regulations? Furthermore, Keiko teas in Germany are tested by independent laboratories for radiation levels and unwanted pesticides, yielding excellent results. This provides the best foundation for healthy and high-quality tea enjoyment.

Keiko Tee
matcha supreme Keiko
Matcha premium und Matcha-besen
Matcha-tee Keiko
japanische Teezubereitung
Matcha drops Keiko
japanische Tee Ritual

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