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Sharpening service for your japanese knives

Sharpening service for your japanese knives

Have knives sharpened


Together with our partner Christian Wietschorke, we offer our customers a professional sanding service. To use the service, simply fill out the online order form from our partner on the Website. We recommend sharpening our knives on a water whetstone.

Send your knives directly to our partner C. Wietschorke. If you have received a voucher from us, please enclose it with your consignment. Our vouchers with Kaphingst are also accepted by Mr Wietschorke. The knives will be re-sharpened by a professional knife sharpener within a few days. After sharpening, the knives will be sent back to you directly. The order is concluded directly with you and our partner C. Wietschorke without our involvement.

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