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Gato Mikio

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The company Gato Mikio was founded in 1908 in Yamanaka Onsen by Kaga as a wood workshop called Wareto. Yamanaka Onsen is located in Ishikawa Prefecture in western Japan, approximately at the same latitude as Tokyo. For 450 years, Ishikawa Prefecture has been known for producing lacquerware (lacquerware, Urushi), wooden products with elaborate lacquer coatings. The Gato Mikio workshop utilizes the advantages of traditional Yamanaka lacquerware production, where high-quality, selected woods are precisely shaped using a potter's wheel. In this way, Gato Miko has created exceptionally beautiful Japanese wooden tableware, which has been awarded numerous design prizes. With the same craftsmanship, specially designed tea caddies, bowls, and tablets for green tea are also produced from wood.

Craftsmanship perfection and stylish, modern design are the outstanding features of Gato Mikio's products. With unique, sophisticated design products, this workshop has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. Gato Mikio is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end lacquerware in Japan and is among the most renowned worldwide.

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