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Japanese Wooden Bowls with Urushi Lacquer

Japanese Wooden Bowls

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Kihachi - The Artisan of Masters

The oldest manufacturer in the Yamanaka region, founded in 1882, remains true to its tradition. Highest quality, astonishing creativity, consistent production methods, craftsmanship at the highest level. For every product, the right piece of the finest Japanese wood is carefully chosen. The round bowls have been masterfully turned on the Japanese Rokuro for many generations. Visible grain patterns are not random; they are exemplary craftsmanship.

Urushi, the Art with a Genuine Natural Product

The natural resin is called Urushi, and it has been used for thousands of years. But the Japanese lacquer art, the artistic application of the natural resin lacquer, is also called Urushi. Anyone who has held one of these bowls in their hand at least senses the dedication, skill, and - we are certain - love required to create something so enchanting. Is it surprising that these products were reserved for centuries as luxury goods for the imperial family and the nobility? It's wonderful that it's no longer the case.

Decorative Bowls, Yet Also Wooden Tableware

These beautiful bowls are almost too lovely to eat from. Or are they perhaps even too precious to merely place on the sideboard? In Japan, these bowls are indeed used in everyday life. They are remarkably durable, even though they are not fond of knives and forks. With a bit of care - which brings more joy than effort - these bowls can be lifelong companions.