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Maruyama, Nawrap

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NAWRAP, the quality brand of Maruyama. Founded in 1930 in Nara, Japan, Maruyama initially manufactured high-quality mosquito nets. Each net was woven using traditional Japanese weaving techniques, incorporating fibers from both cotton and hemp. Over the years, the demand for mosquito nets in Japan declined significantly, leading to the deliberate expansion into the home textile product category. However, Maruyama's philosophy remained unchanged. For many decades, Maruyama has been offering home textiles of the highest quality, made from durable and functionally sophisticated fabrics. Based on natural materials, the products are absorbent and quick-drying, making them ideal for various applications in the kitchen and bathroom. All Nawrap products are entirely manufactured in Japan. And, in a somewhat typical Japanese fashion, Nawrap brand towels offer some special features. Of great and increasing importance are products infused with Binchotan, the famous Japanese charcoal. This special charcoal is used in many areas in Japan, including cosmetics, water and air purification, and even in weaving home textiles. The infusion of Binchotan results in the fabric neutralizing odors and having antibacterial properties. Each fiber in these towels is enriched with Binchotan, resulting in high durability and long-lasting functionality.

Unique weaving techniques for better functionality. The weaving techniques employed by Maruyama have a long-standing tradition in Japan. And they continue to be practiced exclusively in Japan. However, they have gained some international recognition over time. Today, there are even denim manufacturers in the USA that have fabrics woven in Japan for their exclusive lines. The advantages of Nawrap products primarily lie in their durable, long-lasting, breathable, soft, and highly water-absorbent fabrics. Ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom. The more you use the towels, the softer they become.

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