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Nankei is a small ceramic manufacturing workshop located in Yokkaichi. This region is famous for Banko Yaki, the iron-rich clay known for its characteristic color. Alongside Tokoname, Yokkaichi is perhaps the most renowned region for the traditional pottery craftsmanship, or Töpferware. Especially the tea utensils, the famous Kyusu, are highly esteemed worldwide. Nankei primarily produces teapots, tea bowls, and tea cups, but also vases, ceramic pots, and other utensils. The teapots crafted by Nankei exhibit very high levels of artisanal quality.

No glaze - highest precision

When crafting a classic Japanese teapot, four parts are initially made: the side handle, the spout, the lid, and the pot body. To ensure the pot body and lid fit perfectly later on, the lid must be carefully fitted after firing using friction powder. The experienced potter meticulously attaches the side handle and spout to the body before firing. This requires precise craftsmanship because the clay undergoes changes during drying and firing. Anticipating these changes correctly is one of the potter's essential skills. Much experience and sensitivity are indispensable. If the potter misjudges something, the fired teapot could be leaky or develop cracks in the corresponding areas. Additionally, during this phase, the intuitive choice of angle determines how well the teapot will pour.

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