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Kyusu means Japanese teapot

The Kyusu, the Japanese teapot, is available in different versions. The traditional kyusu is the yokode kyusu, the side handle teapot. Smaller versions tend to be used for shaded, high-quality teas, such as Gyokuro. Teapots with more volume for several people or for somewhat simpler teas. The Houhin teapot or Shiboridashi has no handle at all and is suitable for Sencha, Kabusecha or Gyokuro. The Uwade Kyusu or Dobin is the Asian teapot with the classic handle, which is also very well-known and widespread in the West. The handle of Asian teapots is usually made of wood or bamboo. The Ushirode Kyusu has the handle at the back of the pot. 

Kyusu - Japanese teapots Oryoki

Kyusu - Japanese teapots Oryoki