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The design philosophy of Noyer is based on the aesthetics of the material: American walnut. The wood of the walnut tree is prominently grained and has rich color variations. The designers at Noyer skillfully transfer this liveliness to their wonderful handmade products.

Janus Larsen, the carpenter from Denmark, founded the label Noyer. He combines his love for walnut wood with his creativity and the craftsmanship of the entire team at Noyer. "Made for each other" are walnut and copper - so it's no wonder that these two noble materials artistically come together in many furniture pieces and accessories. In the workshop in Valby, Denmark, the scent of wood fills the air. Copper shavings and walnut sawdust are part of the creative atmosphere. Visitors can observe the manual oiling of the wood, which gives the design products the final, perfect finish. Those present at the right moment witness the birth of a piece of furniture or cutting board directly at the saw table. Noyer stands for noble craftsmanship with wood in unique, personal design through and through.

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