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Matcha Latte - A Delicious Recipe

 Matcha Latte - A Delicious Recipe

We are familiar with various coffee specialties, but may it also be something different for once? Warm in winter and refreshing in summer, Japanese green tea Matcha is increasingly found here as well. Mixed with milk, it competes admirably with Latte Macchiato & Co.

Perfect harmony of matcha and milk

In Japan, green tea can be found on every corner. The varieties range from mild Sencha to flavorful Gyokuro. However, one stands out: Matcha. Grown in the shade and ground in stone mills, this jade-green tea captivates with its intense aroma and numerous health benefits. But what sets it apart is the fact that it is whisked to a frothy consistency, making it an experiential beverage.

We have long known that green tea is in demand: Sweets and numerous dishes have been enhanced with the unique Matcha for centuries. Moreover, it blends superbly with other ingredients such as milk, giving rise to creative drinks. While Matcha has been consumed since the first millennium, Matcha Latte is a relatively new phenomenon – and is becoming increasingly popular. With its frothy texture, Matcha tea offers a delicious alternative to Latte Macchiato. It's no longer a choice between coffee or tea; you can simply have both.

Fitness in a jar: quick recipes, long-lasting effects

Upon closer inspection, you'll find Matcha becoming more and more popular even here. But why is Matcha so beloved? Whether cold or hot, with sugar, ice, or perhaps honey and vanilla powder on top, there's something for everyone among the many variations. Matcha tea not only tastes good but also provides as much energy for the day as coffee, thanks to its high caffeine content. Yet, it is even more digestible. In addition, it contains important amino acids, vitamins, and fiber. As this green tea is ground, you absorb these components in multiple quantities while drinking – at least compared to loose-leaf green tea. The substances dissolve in water, benefiting metabolism, the immune system, and attention. A valuable food that has become a trendy beverage. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with Matcha.

Matcha served in glasses

At the same time, this tea keeps you fit, and preparation with ingredients everyone has at home is simple and delicious. Today, you can find low-carb recipes as well as quick recipes for on-the-go enjoyment. Additionally, Matcha Latte is low in calories: about as much as in a glass of milk, depending on its fat content. A lightly sweetened glass of Matcha Latte has approximately 240 kcal. You can mix Matcha with regular milk, but low-fat, soy, almond, and other alternatives are also possible.

The right matcha tea for making lattes

The most important question upfront: Which Matcha should I buy? While the affordable varieties are best for cooking and baking, when it comes to drinking, opt for higher-quality Matcha powder. "Ceremonial" is the best quality, commonly used in tea ceremonies. However, since Matcha in the form of a latte is not consumed pure, we recommend the "Premium" varieties. Slightly higher in quality than culinary grades, they are not too expensive but still mild enough for a perfect Green Tea Latte.

Regardless of the variety you choose: the most important thing is that the Matcha powder itself appears jade green and soft, feels fine, and smells fresh. This way, your Matcha Latte will taste just right: aromatic, umami (pleasantly sweet), and not too bitter.

How to make delicious green tea: Matcha latte recipe

With a bit of sugar or your favorite syrup, this extraordinary latte can also replace snacks in between. And for those who enjoy the bittersweet aroma of green tea, the taste experience is equally delightful without additives. Matcha Latte is excellent for rejuvenating breaks or as a breakfast drink. Additionally, we have our delicious recipe of the day for you.

No. of persons1 personNo. of persons
Total Timeca. 10 minutesTotal Time
Level of difficultyeasyLevel of difficulty
DishBreakfast, dessert or in betweenDish
Caloriesca. 200kcal per portionCalories
Matcha stirred with a matcha whisk
List of ingredients
1 tsp matcha powder
3 tbsp warm (not boiling) water
250ml milk, alternatively soy or other milk
2 tsp sugar or syrup (to taste)
Powder for dusting (to taste)
Chasen: Bamboo whisk for matcha
Small sieve
Milk frother
Kochende Miss Oryoki
Step 1

Pour the matcha powder into a cup, preferably through a small sieve so that there are no lumps. Add the water and stir with the chasen until you have a smooth, green paste with no lumps.

Step 2

To make a warm matcha latte, heat the glass of milk together with the sugar in a pan. Over a medium heat, wait until bubbles form around the edge. However, do not bring the milk to the boil, but turn off the heat first. If you have a milk frother, use it to whisk the milk for about 10 seconds until it is nice and fluffy. If you want a cold drink, simply use cold milk directly, which you can also froth.

Step 3

Then slowly add the finished milk to the tea until the cup is almost full. Do you have barista talents? With latte art, as is common in cafés, you can create something beautiful for the eye with the bright colors and foam of milk when pouring. Add some ice for the iced matcha latte or green tea powder as decoration to round off your matcha latte.

Step 4

The trendy drink for in-between meals is so easy. The right preparation for you naturally depends on your personal taste, the hardness of the water and the quality of the matcha. But there are also no limits to your imagination when it comes to the ingredients. Whether sweet or plain, cold or warm - a welcome change from coffee that will wake you up just as well as being healthy. Simply take a delicious break from everyday life and enjoy!

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