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Since 1972, Japanese teapots and tea sets have been handcrafted at Ukou in Tokoname. The intricate manufacturing process begins with the assembly of raw materials, including wood ash and limonite, an iron compound. After mixing these raw materials, the teapots are cast into molds and assembled by hand, with fine patterns incorporated before firing in the kiln. During this process, they are coated with an ash glaze and fired again. These steps give the teapot its distinctive appearance, earning it the name "Ash Glaze Teapot" in Japan. Finally, teapots with patterns are hand-painted.

This is how unique pieces are created from Tokoname clay, which is known for its positive effect on enhancing the development of the tea's delicate flavors.

japanische Teekanne
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Herstellung von japanische Schale
Herstellung von japanische Teekanne
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