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SPG2, Super Powder Gold 2

The SPG2 (Super Powder Gold 2) is a high-performance steel from the Japanese manufacturer Takefu. Depending on the translation, the steel is also referred to as SGP2 - Super Gold Powder 2. At 1.3%, the carbon content is very high in comparison. This makes it very hard, so that up to 63 HRC are possible. Other components are 15% chromium, 3% molybdenum and 2% vanadium.

The knives with SPG2 steel are characterised by an exceptionally high sharpening potential, high cutting performance and durability.

SPG2 Super Powder Gold 2 high performance steel

Zuiun knife series made from Super Powder Gold 2 steel

The "Zuiun" knife series is made from the high-performance steel SPG2