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If you're looking for one of the most renowned and best manufacturers of Japanese sharpening stones, then NANIWA is the right choice. The high hardness of NANIWA sharpening stones, and especially their short preparation time, set these stones apart. A high, consistent quality standard is ensured through regular inspections. It goes without saying that a lot of experience and detailed knowledge of stone types and sediments are prerequisites for the production of these sharpening stones, as well as manual skill. NANIWA was recommended to us by our knife smiths, and we are happy to offer you a wide selection of different sharpening stone combinations.


The production is carried out under high quality standards and controls. To ensure consistent quality, the combination of the right materials must be precise. The correct temperature and humidity during the firing process are also crucial for the stone to achieve the desired hardness. Use NANIWA sharpening stones for sharpening: knives made of Damascus steel, carbon steel (such as blue paper steel Aogami or white paper steel Shirogami), AUS-8, Japanese stainless steel, or even European stainless steel.

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