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How the Oryoki Tea App Works

How the Oryoki Tea App Works

Want to prepare green tea perfectly? Simply use the Oryoki Tea App - in this post, we'll explain how to save the web app on your smartphone or tablet and what features it has for you.

How to download the web app to your smartphone or tablet

Open the browser on your smartphone/tablet and manually enter or copy the following address of the Oryoki Tea App. If you're reading this post on your smartphone, simply click:


On iOS devices, a prompt will appear suggesting you add the page to your home screen.
For Android users, the browser will ask if you want to save the page as an app.

Call up the tea app in the browser

Save the page on your home screen

iOS: Tap on the icon that is displayed in the prompt. In the bottom, scrollable bar, you'll find the entry "Zum Home-Bildschirm" (Add to Home Screen) and a plus sign. After tapping, you now have the option to rename the app. For Android devices, these steps are not necessary.

Save tea app on the home screen

And you're ready to go

Now you have the app icon of the Oryoki Tee App on your device. Always ready to prepare the perfect Japanese green tea.

Tip: Our app is also available offline, meaning you have full access to your steeping times and information even without the internet.

Tea app available on device

The functions of the Oryoki Tea App

We have kept the menu of the tea app very clear so that you can quickly switch between different tea varieties. After all, you can have more than one favorite tea. :)

Oryoki Tea App Menu

Once you are familiar with the tea app, you will know your favorite steeping times and want to quickly access the stopwatch. For this "quick start," there is a clock icon in the menu for each tea variety that takes you directly to the stopwatch – how convenient!

All informations about the teas

For each Oryoki tea variety, you will always find the most important information – a bit of background knowledge, suggestions for the amount of tea, and the corresponding steeping times.

Information on all Oryoki tea varieties

Your own personal infusion time

Always pay attention to the recommendations on the packaging, and consider our information as a suggestion. Perhaps you prefer your Sencha to steep for 10 seconds longer, or you find the Gyokuro more aromatic with a bit more green tea leaves – play with the steeping times and tea quantities to find your perfect green tea. Your last three used steeping times are stored for you. For starters, we have provided you with a steeping time for each infusion – enjoy your green tea to the fullest!

Oryoki tea personal infusion times

Your feedback is needed

We are open to suggestions, feedback, and criticism. Every green tea lover has their own approach - let us be a part of it. Try our app and share your thoughts, preferably as a comment under this post - we are eager to hear from you! :)

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