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Refreshing Hojicha fruit tea punch

Refreshing Hojicha fruit tea punch | Recipe at ORYOKI

Fruit Tea Punch made from Hojicha Tea is a delicious combination of sweet, bitter, and refreshing flavors. This beverage is particularly suitable for both adults and children, especially on warm summer days or as a party drink.

What is Hojicha tea?

Hojicha tea is a special type of Japanese green tea made by roasting Bancha tea leaves. In contrast to other green tea varieties that are steamed or pan-fried, Hojicha tea is roasted in an oven, giving it its distinctive brown color and unique flavor.

Through the roasting process, the bitterness and caffeine in the tea are reduced, resulting in a smooth and nutty taste with a hint of roasted aroma. The tea also features a pleasant toasty fragrance and is thus highly favored by many tea enthusiasts. Hojicha tea is often described as light and refreshing, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a milder and lower-caffeine tea.

Hojicha fruit tea punch recipe

No. of persons4 personsNo. of persons
Total Timeca. 120 minutesTotal Time
Level of difficultyeasyLevel of difficulty
DishFor in between meals or with a mealDish
Caloriesca. 200 kcalCalories
Kitchenware Kitchenware
Glasses , Glass carafe , Teapot , Tetsubin , Hojicha
List of ingredients
20g Hojicha
150g Sugar
Fruit of your choice (grapes, raspberries, blueberries, apples, strawberries)
Herbs, tarragon, mint, ... as garnish
Carbonated water
Kochende Miss Oryoki
Step 1

To make the Hojicha syrup, first brew the Hojicha. To do this, heat your teapot and pour 20g of Hojicha tea into it. Then add 200ml of boiling water. Heating the teapot beforehand ensures that the hot water does not cool down too quickly.

Step 2

Wait 2 minutes to allow the hojicha to infuse. In the meantime, you can pour the sugar into a large container. The hojicha syrup is drunk triple-diluted and tastes slightly bitter and sweet at the same time when prepared in this way.

Step 3

After 2 minutes infusion time, pour the hojicha into the container with the sugar. Stir everything well until all the sugar has dissolved.

Step 4

The syrup can be used in various ways, for example to mix with milk or alcohol. However, we use carbonated mineral water for our fruit tea punch. Chill the mixture in the fridge for a while before using it for the punch. While the syrup is cooling, you can arrange the fruit in the glass. Berries and grapes go very well with hojicha, but you can also use other fruits of your choice (e.g. mango or other tropical fruits).

Step 5

Pour the hojicha syrup over the fruit. The glass should now be 1/3 covered. Now mix in the sparkling water in a ratio of 1 to 3. Stir the mixture briefly.

Step 6

Garnish the punch with herbs of your choice. This punch is particularly popular with children, but Hojicha fruit tea punch is also ideal as a refreshment between meals or as a party drink.

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