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Furoshiki - Versatile Japanese Cloths

Furoshiki - Versatile Japanese Cloths

Furoshiki are square Japanese cloths that have been used in Japan for hundreds of years for wrapping and carrying things.

Furoshiki is an expression of minimalism

Furoshiki are expressions of functionality and minimalism. A single cloth can be used for many different purposes. The primary function is wrapping various items, from round sake bottles to square boxes. Bento boxes are also commonly wrapped in Furoshiki. And when not in use, Furoshiki can be folded very compactly and stored away.

Furoshiki is in fashion

Today, Furoshiki has become a fashion accessory and is used as a decorative cloth for outfits, handbags, home decor, or gift wrapping. The fabric for Furoshiki is traditionally silk or cotton. However, there are now many made from viscose or polyester. There are no strict rules for the pattern. Both modern and traditional Japanese patterns are used. It is sometimes possible and even customary for special occasions to have Furoshiki made with one's family seal, for example, for a Japanese wedding.

Furoshiki as the perfect gift packaging

We have always been enthusiastic about using Furoshiki as gift wrap, just as it is customary in Japan for special gifts. Instead of disposing of the wrapping paper directly after unwrapping, in this case, the packaging has one, or even several additional uses. It significantly enhances the actual gift. That's why at Oryoki, we decided to offer Furoshiki as gift wrapping. Not only, but also for the environment's sake!

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The meaning of Furoshiki

The character "包" represents wrapping something with Furoshiki. Originally, it symbolizes a pregnant woman. In the same way that a pregnant woman cares for her baby, the item wrapped in Furoshiki is protected.

Furoshiki instructions - how to make it work in any case

Japanese folding art is not only well-known in Origami worldwide. There are also many different folding methods for Furoshiki. We will introduce various instructions in a separate blog post for Furoshiki instructions in the next few days!

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