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In Cinnamon Slippers Through the Summer

In Cinnamon Slippers Through the Summer

Cinnamon is a delight in any weather. But did you know that you can not only eat the spice but also walk in it? Here you will find out why that's a good idea - even in the summer.

Good for your feet from nature

Healthy and sustainably grown food is becoming more and more of a trend. Fortunately, the same applies to our clothing. Especially for the feet, which have to do heavy work every day, the trend is shifting towards not twisting them in uncomfortable high heels but putting them in orthopedically approved and vegan shoes made from natural materials. Nowadays, these footwear options are also available from designers because the initial models were not exactly stylish and comfortable.

On the other hand, one cannot say the same about sandals made from aromatic spice. Light as flip-flops and available in all imaginable shapes and colors, with open cinnamon sandals or closed shoes with cinnamon soles, you are also doing something good for your health. But why cinnamon sandals specifically? Let's take a look at the history of these traditional miraculous sandals.

Running on cinnamon has a fragrant tradition

Cinnamon slippers with colorful patterns

Cinnamon sandals originate from Vietnam. There, as in other Asian countries, the plant has been used for centuries not only in tasty dishes but also smoked and in medicine. The spice itself is made from the bark of the cinnamon tree, which is dried and, if necessary, ground. Besides the characteristic scent, people also appreciated the health benefits of cinnamon. The plant can act as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, lower blood pressure, and even have a calming and happiness-inducing effect. Our association with Christmas and delicious cookies is probably just a side note.

A natural property that particularly benefits cinnamon sandals is their ability to neutralize unpleasant odors. Initially, cinnamon sticks were placed directly in shoes. Since cinnamon has antibacterial properties, it neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the decomposition of sweat and, consequently, foot odor - and instead of smelly feet, you get a pleasant fragrance.

Building cinnamon sandals is even more effective. Thus, the cinnamon flip-flops became a traditional product of the Asian country in Vietnam. The first models were entirely made of cinnamon wood. As one can imagine, that was quite uncomfortable and heavy. Today, there are cinnamon sandals made from cotton, jute, bamboo, seagrass, and other lightweight and flexible upper materials. The main thing is, of course, natural. This way, cinnamon sandals can be worn for a long time with pleasure.

No more cold feet with cinnamon slippers

While cinnamon in very high quantities can be harmful - the dose makes the poison - wearing cinnamon sandals cannot make you sick. Quite the opposite. Since cinnamon promotes blood circulation, it naturally warms the wearer's body through the sole of the foot. This is thanks to the essential oils in cinnamon. In addition, these healthy cinnamon sandals help with inflammation and unpleasant foot infections like athlete's foot because the fragrant wood inhibits bacterial growth.

In addition to cinnamon flip-flops, there are also other types of shoes with cinnamon soles: open cinnamon sandals with cross straps, cozy slippers, or stylish ballet flats in every size, for children and adults, for ladies and gentlemen, can also be found made from this special wood. From brown and green to blue and colorful to white and black, there is something for every taste. So, these cinnamon sandals don't have to be worn just as slippers but can be shown off anywhere. And, with their Asian flair, they somehow remind you of a vacation. Although local shoe stores may not yet carry such sandals, you can find them online among numerous offers.

For those who prefer to wear their own shoes, we recommend purchasing the healthy cinnamon insole separately - after all, this is the most important part of cinnamon sandals and is responsible for their effectiveness. The insole is made from cinnamon powder. And not just from different parts of the bark, but also from the roots and the wood itself.

What to look out for with cinnamon slippers?

If you are allergic to the spice, it is, of course, not advisable to walk on cinnamon. Even for non-allergics, one component of cinnamon sandals can become unpleasant: coumarin. The content varies depending on the type of cinnamon. Even though it is not eaten here and the effect is therefore weak, those with allergies and intolerances should pay attention to the types they wear. Cassia cinnamon from Vietnam, the cheaper variety, for example, contains a lot of coumarin, while the more expensive Ceylon variety contains less.

So, pay attention to quality when buying cinnamon shoes or insoles, especially to ensure that no other substances are processed in the sole material. If the shoes are made only of plant fibers, you are dealing with vegan cinnamon insoles. High-quality and healthy cinnamon insoles are also more durable. These vegan cinnamon sandals, flip-flops, and other forms of shoes are sustainable, robust, and easy to care for - allowing them to be comfortably worn until the next summer. A good, healthy footbed is essential for our most neglected extremities. They are confined, made to sweat, and still have to function every day. So why not do something good for your feet and treat them to a vacation? They will thank you for it.

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