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osing Weight with Green Tea

Losing Weight with Green Tea | ORYOKI Magazine

Wait and see: Can you effectively lose weight this way? Find out how green tea can support weight loss and what you should consider.

Green tea: a component of a healthy diet

That green tea has a high health-promoting effect is already well researched. Some of the ingredients that make the drink so healthy are called antioxidants. These include, for example, vitamin C and beta-carotene. These essential nutrients combat free radicals in our blood, strengthen the cardiovascular system, fight inflammation, and prevent diseases. Additionally, they help us keep ourselves or our cells younger for a longer time.

The bitter taste and astringent sensation while drinking also have a healthy origin: catechins and tannins are responsible for that. Both are polyphenols, secondary plant compounds that protect against viruses and bacteria. They also belong to antioxidants. Although black tea also contains them, green tea has significantly more. Additionally, they are better preserved since green and white tea are not fermented, and the brewing temperature is much lower compared to boiling water. Oolong tea is an exception among black teas, as it is also not fermented.

The diet in a cup?

But what does all of this have to do with weight loss? A substance plays a significant role here: caffeine. Since green tea has a lot of it, it can also be called "green coffee." While coffee quickly and radically makes you feel awake and alert, green tea, thanks to the amino acid L-theanine, has a much gentler and more soothing effect. Because, unlike caffeine, L-theanine has a calming effect. Amino acids are also valuable for strengthening the immune system and the formation and transport of other vital substances. L-theanine is also what gives the tea its characteristic umami taste.

Caffeine also supports the process of fat burning. An excessive amount of fat in the body can lead to not only psychological consequences but also high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Green tea can help by stimulating metabolism and the conversion of calories into body heat. The catechins are also essential in this process, as they can increase the body's energy basal metabolic rate. They particularly target the least healthy type of fat: abdominal fat. Additionally, green tea can slow down the release of carbohydrates, preventing a rapid increase in insulin levels followed by a quick drop, which leads to the infamous cravings that occur when the body urgently wants to replenish its sugar stores.

Another positive aspect of green tea: it cleanses the colon. The secondary plant substances bring order to the intestinal flora, which is often responsible for unhealthy eating habits. If, for example, intestinal fungi crave sugar and fat, humans also experience cravings for these foods. A healthy intestinal flora is essential for digestion, weight loss, and overall health. In this regard, green "detox tea" can be helpful.

These positive effects do not go unnoticed. In various studies where participants consumed green tea daily, it was shown that green tea, with its important ingredients, promotes the weight loss process, especially through increased fat burning. However, drinking tea alone does not make you slim. It is essential to pay attention to your diet and exercise. Green tea ensures that your efforts are worthwhile.

If you want to consume its ingredients more concentratedly, you can also resort to green tea extracts. Hundreds of different substances have already been extracted from green tea and studied in numerous research studies. The catechin EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which is particularly abundant in green tea and aids in fat burning, is also available in capsule form. However, one should handle such extracts with caution and pay attention to the dosage because further studies have shown that isolated and in too high a concentration, it can backfire. Green tea optimally exerts its positive effects only when all its ingredients are present.

The key to losing weight lies within

Aside from the health benefits for the body, green tea also brings many positive aspects for our soul - or rather, the way it is consumed. For example, the Japanese tea ceremony teaches us to handle our food respectfully and mindfully. It places strict emphasis on the good quality of Matcha tea, as well as the tools and preparation. A regulated process and a unique aesthetic make the ceremony something extraordinary.

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Tea tray

While a complete ceremony may not fit into every workday, a small ritual can have a profound impact: it helps us to relax. Quickly brewed tea bags are convenient, but preparing a fresh cup of tea slows down our hectic daily lives significantly. Various types of green tea require a specific amount of tea leaves, a particular water temperature, and different steeping times. Each detail is reflected in the taste. This method of preparation has a meditative quality and enhances the anticipation of the aromatic beverage. It does good for both the body and the mind - whether you steep green tea leaves with hot water or whisk Matcha with a bamboo whisk.

One aspect of many diets is to consciously focus on eating and drinking - and this is a good starting point. By not absentmindedly and quickly "shoveling" something into oneself, one can reflect on how much and what one really needs. Often, it is realized that overeating or consuming the wrong foods is either psychologically driven or a matter of habit. A cup of green tea is also a good substitute when cravings strike. If the stomach is filled with something healthy instead of chips or chocolate, the entire body will thank you, making weight loss even more achievable.

Furthermore, we often enjoy tea together with friends and family - people who are good for us and make us happy. We share the moment that binds us together and creates beautiful memories. Things are best enjoyed together.

The best way to lose weight with green tea

To benefit from the effects of tea on health and weight loss, we recommend drinking at least three cups daily. You should combine different varieties - spread throughout the day or over the week, preferably in organic quality. Coupled with a balanced diet, you are making a valuable contribution to your health.

Tea box

Each type of tea offers different ingredients, and a variety increases its effectiveness. This applies to various green tea varieties:

  • Sencha and Genmaicha provide a bit of everything and are particularly suitable for an active metabolism.
  • Shincha: as this tea is especially mild, it can have a calming effect and balance the intestinal flora.
  • Bancha, which contains less caffeine than other tea varieties, works wonders against acidity and thus promotes weight loss.
  • Kabusecha: the semi-shaded tea brings many catechins and tannins and helps in fat burning.
  • Gyokuro, the "shade tea," contains many secondary plant substances, vitamins, and amino acids, making it particularly useful in regulating blood sugar levels and appetite.
  • Matcha in powdered form, especially in premium quality, contains antioxidants and other substances that directly enter the body, thereby enhancing metabolism.
  • Benifuuki: with its unique catechins, this tea, especially in Benifuuki powder form, is an excellent means for cell renewal, i.e., anti-aging.

You can best try this out with your own cup of green tea. Learn everything about the proper preparation of your Japanese green tea here.

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