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Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis

Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis

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Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis
Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis

Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis

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Ideal für die Aufbewahrung Ihres Matchabesens ist ein Kusenaoshi, ein Besenhalter. So kann der Chasen gut trocknen und behält länger seine Form.

Maße ca.: Ø 5,5 cm, Höhe 7,3 cm

Matchabesen nicht im Angebot enthalten

12,95 €
Inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

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Produktdetails für "Matcha Besenständer, Kusenaoshi, türkis"

Keiko - Shaded Organic Tea from Kagoshima
Kagoshima is located in the south of Japan. The climate is subtropical, the soil volcanic. All Japanese Keiko teas we offer are grown on an organic farm in this region. And all teas are shaded, which results in a smaller harvest but a much higher quality. Shading with nets provides the tea bushes with growth conditions that are very close to those of a wild tea bush. Tea called kabusecha - kabuse are the nets used for shading - grows more slowly, produces more natural flavors and active ingredients and is particularly aromatic. After plucking, the tea leaves are steamed, cooled, rolled and dried as is customary in Japan. The airtight packaging of Keiko teas is done in a protective atmosphere, so that the flavors and active ingredients are optimally preserved.

Organic quality and gentle processing for optimal enjoyment
The Shimodozono Biofarm, origin of the Keiko teas, was the first tea garden in Japan to be tested and successfully certified according to the EC Eco Regulation. In addition, all KEIKO products are tested by independent laboratories in Germany for undesirable pesticides and for radiation levels - always with the best results. This is an ideal basis for very high but also healthy enjoyment. Another quality feature is the production of the tea, which should preserve and protect all valuable ingredients. Keiko teas are steamed using an optimized method to open all leaf pores. The entire active ingredient complex as well as the fine aroma components are thus available after a short infusion time. An exception is the Houjicha, which is gently roasted to develop its special characteristics. To optimally protect the teas, which are rich in vital substances, from oyidation by oxygen, they are packed in an airtight fresh package. The full enjoyment of these top teas is obtained when ideally soft, possibly filtered water is used. An increase in taste can be achieved by using a genuine Japanese water kettle (Tetsubin) and preparing the tea in a Japanese teapot made of clay (Kyusu). Please follow the recommendations for brewing time and water temperature. Feel free to vary both to find the best combination for your taste.

Keiko Tea from Shimodozono, Kagoshima City
Shimodozono Co, Ltd. based in Kagoshima City, produces the Keiko tea and also runs the organic farm (Bio Farm Ltd.) on the beautiful Kagoshima Peninsula. Shimodozono International GmbH is the headquarters and the representation in Germany. Tea from Shimodozono has been organically grown since 1992 and was the first Japanese green tea to be certified according to the EU organic guidelines.






50 g, freshness bag

Organic certificate


Cultivation area

Kagoshima, southernmost peninsula of Japan


approx. 12 - 14 g/l
4 - 5 tsp

Brewing time

1 - 2 min

Water temperature

60 - 65 °C


Tested by independent laboratory. Please store in a cool place. Protect from sunlight, moisture and oxygen
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